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  2. What the hell is Simmons made of? There have been some poised rookies in this league but damn. He and Mitchell look like 10 year vets. This fool damn near gets into a fight with James Johnson, composed himself, then scores on him repeatedly. I think he plans on playing his whole career without shooting threes because he fully understands the philosophy of dominating the paint and that it shapes the flow of the game in terms of physicality, far more impactful than making a few threes. He’s also smart enough to know with all the shooters on his squad it’ll be downright stupid to take attempts away from them. The quality of his triple doubles almost guarantee that his team wins in an era where triple doubles have been watered down so much.
  3. He’s a salesman and pr guy and knows his stuff with some bs.
  4. Rubio’s jumper always turned me off from him but you can’t deny his vision and IQ. Quinn might be the perfect coach. Donovan not so much. As many poor things as Westbrook does on the floor he never says a thing to him. Westbrook should watch film of the rookie Mitchell to refine his game a bit. It’s all about White Joe Ingles tho. Blazers fans are calling for a McCollum trade but it should be Lilliard. He didn’t even deserve to be on the floor with Holiday and Rondo, let alone The Brow.
  5. Oh, heck, what's another potential job opening? ~lw3
  6. What’s this wizardry? You with this logic, be gone!
  7. Precisely. Several of us have been saying this same 3-year timeline for months, you’re wasting your breath trying to convince some...
  8. https://www.peachtreehoops.com/2018/4/20/17264050/mike-budenholzer-return-travis-schlenk-atlanta-hawks-head-coach-nba-rumors-ruled-out
  9. Okay, I think I misinterpreted you a bit. You said we THINK BUD is superior to Brad Stevens and you're saying he's not. Which I do agree with and my apologies for my rant. I loose all control when someone says something good about Boston sports.
  10. I cant find this bit anywhere in the article that you linked.
  11. After he knew he wasn't going to be considered for the job. In short, Budenholzer would have to be offered a job elsewhere (something that seemingly never transpired in Phoenix), agree to a contract with another team and, after that sequence was complete, the Hawks and his new employer would then engage in discussions surrounding potential compensation.
  12. But, but, but I thought the HAWKS were the biggest tightwads in the NBA. You mean there are cheapo teams out there not willing to pay Bud what the Hawks are already paying him. Does not compute, does not compute. Oh, it does, Hawks aren’t actually the cheapest skates around.
  13. I thought Bud withdrew his name anyway, not the other way around lol.
  14. win-loss winning percentage playoff wins-losses Playoff winning% Brad Stevens 221-189 53.9% 13-18 41.9% Bud 213-197 52% 17-22 43.6% Based on the records above, Bud and Stevens have very similar results. But my threads haven't been about Brad Stevens...I mention the guy once. The major difference is that Brad has been working with young players and Bud prefers older vets. The team is trying to get younger which Bud wants no part of. If that is the case, management needs to find someone like Stevens to take Bud's place plain and simple.
  15. A night after they were shut down by Mets closer Jeurys Familia, the Braves got their revenge on him Saturday at SunTrust Park, walking off with a 4-3 win on Ender Inciarte's perfectly placed bunt single. View the full article
  16. Congrats to Teague & the T-Wolves with a win over Houston. The T-Wolves fans are hype.
  17. That is not the point. Their resumes are exactly the same so why can't u admit that they are even. Unless you have some disdain for Bud that you keep denying. If you look throughout this thread, you can see it. I dont want to quote all your posts to prove my point. However, if you think so highly of Stephens, who has the same accomplishments as Bud, the coach, then how is the rest of the board baffling for valuing Bud? Also, stephens didnt endorse crap. He was brought in for the rebuild.
  18. At the very least, Stevens understands what Championship talent is suppose to look like so he endorsed build thru the draft with the acquisition of key free agents at the right time to make that run...Bud thought that Millsap and some other non star or barely all star was enough. Schlenks gets here and says this is a good draft and we need to get a top 5 pick but Bud is confused. So give me Stevens over a coach that doesn't understand the business any day of the week!
  19. Not attacking you on that point. Like I said dont sit here and say Brad Stephens is better than Bud when that is not the case. They've done the exact same thing, reached the eastern conference finals. You are starting to act like someone you always complain about, with your inability to just say, that you used a bit of hyperbole when comparing them. That's is the only point I am making.
  20. Make that 3-1. lol
  21. 1st of all, I don't have a disdain for Bud...Just think that he is overrated by this message board to the point where if the owners of the team and GM don't think he is that good, They must be crazy. Someone even suggest Phoenix was crazy for not hiring him. You even said that the team needs more talent but Bud doesn't agree...He preferred business as usual. So if the dude only want to coach a bunch of mediocre vets to 45 wins and is happy, give me a mid round pick and a new coach!
  22. NEW YORK (AP) -- The NBA has fined Washington Wizards forward Markieff Morris and twin brother Marcus Morris of the Boston Celtics for their roles in separate incidents during playoff games. View the full article
  23. We are talking coaching here, don't move that goal post. Brad Stephens has 4 years and nothing to show for it. So you proved my point they are at a MINIMUM even as far as coaching goes. If Bud was in Boston, the hype machine would say he's the best coach in the league. Like I said, I don't have a problem with your disdain for Bud just don't say Brad Stephens is better when their resumes are nearly identical and one's roster is better than the others at this point.
  24. 5 years and nothing to show for it...Bud even had control over personnel for 2 of them and team got worse
  25. They signed a couple of solid veterans last offseason in Dedmon and Ilysova, both averaging 10 pts per game with a PER rating of over 15 each, with Dedmon rebounding 7.9 a game in 24 minutes. Belinelli was acquired via trade, and he made for a valuable 6th man for Atlanta and now Philly. These were quality vets and were much more than roster filler. This upcoming offseason, with every other team except the Hawks and 4 others being in salary cap hell, there will be even less options for a number of these quality veterans, not to mention the potential for the Hawks absorbing quality veterans with bad contracts via trade. There should be an abundance of available quality veterans to come to one of the very few teams with cap space, Atlanta. And Schlenk has said, as long as they have manageable contracts, he will welcome them. This influx of quality veterans to go with Bazemore, combined with continued growth from Collins, Prince, Dorsey, and Schröder, should make an increase of 6+ wins next year more than attainable.
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