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  2. @hazer is the thread MVP, sorry, Lethal. You wasted all them words for nada. I believe it's a full game because of the head2head (knock it off, Spud) tiebreaker.
  3. No you didn't use the exact same argument, you used some churlish bastardized version of my argument. I provided the greater dollar amount within the context of the likelihood of Horford recouping that money later. That was my exact argument which you tried to refute with Millsap and then adding Horford's option year into the fray. This is a tap dance and you can't claim me to be "hung up" on Horford when you are the one reaching for every possible scenario involving him in your crusade to attack the front office. It's very simple. In a single free agency summer that saw 2/3rds of the league all have more than $20 million in cap space with half of those having $30 million or greater you couldn't argue some role player making $70 million and if you couldn't argue a role player making $70 million then you couldn't argue a 3rd or 2nd tier star making the Max. This already will no longer be the case starting just this summer, the lower cap spike and the salaries inked the previous summer have already shrunk the market for a player like Millsap. The number of teams that could possibly max him have shrunk to a handful to speak nothing of when you start to include other factors such as location, winning situation, or even just them having a desire to sign Millsap. That's something that could help the Hawks and it's certainly something that could hurt Horford even further down the line. Aw, jeez. If this is the type of logic you're going to be using then there really isn't any hope in trying to convince you otherwise on the front office. It honestly is a merry go round but I will give it one last go and try to make this as simple as possible for you: The Hawks direction is remaining competitive. Very simple, this has been true in the days of Sund, through the days of Ferry and now for BudCox. Perhaps because you're new here you don't know it but that point has been argued to death through numerous Hawks regimes on this board. You're not the first person to bust out with the idea "why aren't they rebuilding if they can't win a championship?" In terms of remaining competitive Howard and Millsap were the contingency for Horford leaving much the same way Howard and Horford would have been the contingency for Millsap being traded or leaving. *wooo saaa* The entire offseason did not hinge on Horford to remain competitive, okay? I don't care about your opinion on the Hawks direction, I don't even care about folks like Lowe rating the Hawks offseasons. All of those pundits didn't see anything special about the team the summer before they rolled off 60 wins and an ECF appearance, they even had more than a few insults about the team's direction. The front office, of whom were a part of that successful season, however feel justified in their current plan. They've had a recipe but they've allowed themselves the ability to tinker with the ingredients until they create a perfect sauce. If you don't like sauce at all or prefer soup or stew isn't their problem, you don't have to eat it but don't call them bad cooks just because. I hope that didn't go over your head.
  4. This!!!! -Lions fan (ridin Falcons to a Super Bowl win).
  5. I really would love him in there....I think...he deserves it but I don't want the world to know about him ..:-| Let's keep him under the radar...but he does deserve it. I'm so torn. Basketball Gods take this one!
  6. Typical Squawk...Hawks win? Ok. Not much posts and several posters mysteriously disappear. Hawks lose? OH MY F****ING GOD. THIS.IS.THE.WORST.TEAM.EVER. I TOLD you that Dennis wasn't a real PG, Dwight is trash, Millsap needs to be traded, BLOW IT ALL UP FOR THE TEARS OF JESUS BLOW IT ALL UP!!
  7. I'm liking his minutes at 30.5. It's the perfect amount of court time to maximize his energy and efficiency.
  8. Sap, Dwight, and Dennis were supposed to dominate their matchups to a near triplet double-double. The energy Dwight played with was great despite only 7 attempts. Kenneth Bazemore was okay I guess. I'm liking the decreased three point attempts too (26 per, 19th) in favor of more high percentage 2s. When you go jacking all crazy (no, @Spud2Nique) it directly erodes team hustle when they don't go. Bud can accept a couple from Dennis and/or Timmy then pulls in the reigns. The Spurs are at the bottom of the league in attempts and top in limiting opponent attempts. The sh@t works. We haven't seen those defensive lapses we saw during the losing streak because there's been a seamless transition from Kyle. It took a mental toll on the team when he would miss and get attacked on defense. My boy missed a wiiiide open corner 3 pretty bad and hung his head so low. I think this was in the second quarter against SA. He never returned. I felt so bad. It's like he was thinking "I'm done." Back in the day that shot would barely graze the net flushing through. Dennis shooting under .700?! Stop the f@&kin presses! But seriously, the German been locked in. It may have been he hasn't a shred of respect for TJ McConnell but I'd like to see him pressure full court more like he did tonight. The Sixers are who we thought they were without Embiid but Let's Go anyway.
  9. LOS ANGELES -- Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell will be sidelined for one to two weeks with a mildly sprained right knee and a strained right calf. View the full article
  10. Seems we are one more game closer to more than one team as the Cavs lost tonight in overtime! GO ATL HAWKS !!
  11. "We Wuz Robbed!" I almost cost Boogie and the Kings a technical all the way from ATL. ~kangz
  12. Officials not letting that happen with this phantom call on Cousins. One of the worst calls I have seen this season.
  13. Update: Current season pace, according to overall winning percentage: 48 Hawks are 16 - 6 since the 7 game losing streak ( .727 winning percentage ) . . 38 games left in the season. If we keep winning at that clip, Hawks are on pace to win 53 or 54 games.
  14. Great night in the standings. C'mon Kangz, I want a cherry on this Saturday Night Sundae! ~lw3
  15. Pretty sad that our loss game threads are twice as long as our win threads. Where are The Miserable Ones?
  16. Huh? I was literally using the exact same argument that you provided to show that just because the Hawks provided the most $ in a deal, doesn't necessarily mean it was the best deal. I have heard many Hawks' fans say this "We offered him the most and he chose to leave." While technically true, it is without any context and doesn't mean that our deal was far superior. I am not tap dancing in my argument at all. My argument has remained the same throughout, which is that the Hawks front office doesn't have direction and lacks decisiveness. You are just hung up on this Horford thing for whatever reason. I agree with you about the cap spikes in how it allowed for players to get large contracts that otherwise wouldn't have. However, I think that applies more to the journeymen, such as Kent Bazemore, Evan Turner, Allen Crabbe, and Timofey Mozgov. Not the all-stars like Paul Millsap and Al Horford, but I do agree with you on it and think it is definitely valid. Will be interesting to see what happens. I wouldn't call swapping out Horford for Howard a contingency. Considering they were going to sign Howard regardless of whether or not Horford sign. So I am not entirely sure what contingency plan they had for Horford leaving. Was it the Humphries signing? I guess you could say having "flexibilty" was the contingency? I went back and read some of your posts to see what you said about the direction the Hawks are going and the plan going forward and honestly could only find you saying that the Hawks didn't commit to an aging core and have flexibility, while maintaining the same level of success. Maintaining the same level of success is valid, but I hope that's not the direction you necessarily want. I think we both can agree that we want to see improvement and a championship. Sometimes you just have to retool given your current roster construction, age of players and contract situations. I do have a hard time saying we have flexibility going into this offseason since our best player, who is aging, is going to get a huge contract and we are quite a bit aways from being a contender. Sure - if he leaves we will have flexibility, but we will be a much more inferior team without any assets to show for it. But to each his own. If the goal is not to commit to an aging core of players, then what do we do with the aging Millsap? I can get behind the point of having a number in your head for him and hope you can compromise on it, but let's be serious here... Remember Millsap will get offers of $154M/4years (avg. annual salary of $38.5M). Let's use a hypothetical (I know you love these...) and say Millsap loves Atlanta SO MUCH that he will take a MASSIVE 20% discount from that average annual salary for a 5-year deal. This makes it the same dollar amount, but an extra year at $154M/5years (again HIGHLY unlikely that Millsap signs anywhere close to that). Can we at least agree that paying Horford $141M/5years (remember Woj said we were $6M apart) would have provided us more flexibility? We would have had our "contingency" plan of swapping Millsap with Howard AND we could have gotten a lot more value in trading Millsap OR we could have kept him and had a much superior team this year. Though we would likely lose him this coming offseason, but hey at least we would have Howard and Horford on better deals and more flexibility. Now, I will say that Millsap is better than Horford, but I don't think the gap is that far. I am not the biggest fan of Horford. Definitely didn't think he put in the effort during the Cavs series. The game that I was most looking forward to this season was the Celtic's game last week and Isaiah Thomas managed to surpass my hate for Dellavedova in that game. That said, I still think Horford is a great player and I think we could have handled his free agency (and the past offseason) better and hopefully we handle Millsap's better, but that is looking like it is going to have a similar result.
  17. UPDATE: Lakers guard D'Angel Russell has been ruled out 1-2 weeks after an MRI on Saturday confirmed a sprained right MCL and strained right calf suffered in Friday's victory over the Pacers. The team announced Russell will be re-evaluated in one week. View the full article
  18. Sixers, my second favorite NBA team, without their star, best player, kept the game close. Tied at the end of 1st quarter and every time Hawks rushed ahead, they crept back. Great to win this one. Some way, this team doesn't look like the lottery team that they did for a while. Now, GO FALCONS!
  19. CLEVELAND -- Gregg Popovich would bench President Trump. View the full article
  20. I just need the Falcons to cap off this weekend with a big win tomorrow to go to the Superbowl, then we follow it up by thrashing the Clippers on Monday night.
  21. That would be funny. Sneak up on everybody.
  22. The incompetent, stubborn, terrible drafting, former COTY and All-Star Coach leading the East for the 2nd time in 4 years? Travesty
  23. What would it take to make you happy about a win?
  24. Not that I want this at all, aside from the awkward media reactions, but we're also 2.5 games away from sending Bud to New Orleans in February. ~lw3
  25. Need that 3rd seeding to avoid Cavs until ECFs!
  26. I'm positively giddy tonite. Hawks won. Sees lost. 'Zards lost. Bucks lost. And to top it off, Knix lost to the worst team in the league at home!
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