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    KB you were right all along. You said Bud would leave the Hawks to coach a winner, and here he is interviewing with the Suns, a 60-game winner. Why did anyone ever doubt—oh wait, they lost over 60 games? Yes, then what were you talking about exactly?
  2. 11 likes
    Pretty sure this should be read: "I was rooting for Sap to show up big and prove why the Hawks were right to let him go and rooting for the TWolves to lose because I want the team to fail under Schlenk but Sap laid an egg and things broke for the Hawks. Welp, I guess I can go back to preaching against the concept of tanking."
  3. 11 likes
    This guy claims to be a Hawks fan while rooting for us not to get additional talent just so he can prove that he is "right" to a bunch of strangers on the internet. Find some new hobbies dude you must be miserable.
  4. 10 likes
    The key to this to me is if Bud is hell bent on leaving. We own his rights for the next two years so we should be able to get compensation for him. I agree that having a coach that has shown he can develop players is worth far more than a mid teen pick or heaven forbid almost useless second round picks. So if we say the compensation isn't worth it on face value then the question is fit. If Bud and Ressler/front office can't work together then it doesn't matter if you'd rather have Bud or a mid teens pick. Because if that can't be salvaged or worked out behind closed doors then we are already looking for our new coach. I can't help but wish someone would slap Michael Gearon Jr in the face a few thousand times. This all started with his campaign to get Ferry fired because Ferry wouldn't listen to that idiot. It has cost us Ferry and now indirectly Bud. This team looked like it had such a wonderful future and now it is anything but that.
  5. 10 likes
    KB is chillin in his mom's basement right now laughing at everyone getting upset over his dumbass comments.
  6. 10 likes
    "Tanking doesn't work" he said. "The better players are found outside of lottery" he said. "They'll lose forever" he said. "They won't make the playoffs" he said. "They won't win 50 games" he said. "They won't win a playoff round" he says.
  7. 10 likes
    Don't fall for the straw man. -It's been proven without a doubt all of 130 pages ago that you need talent to win in the NBA. -You have 3 avenues available to you to acquire said talent: draft, trade, and/or free agency. -At the end of last season the Hawks recognized that in their current iteration they had little opportunity to effectively do either. -So they embarked on the path to opening said avenues by increasing draft assets, increasing trade assets, and increasing free agency assets. That's it, that's all the current strategy is. Creating the opportunity to acquire talent. Morey focused on collecting enough assets for trade, Hinkie focused on increasing his chances in the draft, and Ferry focused on being a player in multiple free agencies until they all hit. You can dip and dabble through any and all of those strategies...if they are available to you. So pay no mind to those who would demand ultimatums when they themselves can't even offer one besides stay in limbo for at minimum 2 more years and then...... crickets. If any feel the desire to actually engage the question, then whatever number you come up with add +2. Because that's the best the alternative offers.
  8. 10 likes
    1st off, it’s BBD. 2nd Bobby was not the lead singer, Ralph Tresvant was. He sang damn every solo in every song. 3rd Bobby was kicked out and went on to become the biggest superstar of all those guys, BBD had 1 smash hit. Bobby had 5 chart toppers on a single album. Their money was best earned touring alongside Bobby and NE. I say all that to say, your metaphor makes no sense. Talking basketball, John Collins gets the majority of his points off the pick and roll with Dennis as the main facilitator of those passes. Any further development in his game has to come from himself not Dennis. For example: Russell Westbrook is one of the most ball dominant players in the league and according to your standards of Dennis is pretty selfish, yet that doesn’t stop Steven Adams from developing in to one of the best Centers in the NBA. And secondly, Taurean Prince has been on a tear lately and is developing in to a very good scoring wing. Last I checked Dennis is still on the team, still getting minutes. So how is he holding him back? Dennis isn’t preventing anyone from doing anything. What you’re noticing is that he is the best player on the floor and gets to take the most shots. Well, in basketball that’s whats going to happen on any team. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Literally
  9. 10 likes
    They tanked 4 years and now they're going to win 48-50 games with three All-Star+ talents at 19, 21, and 24. They're also getting LA's lottery pick and they can create a ton of cap space. They're only going to get much better with any luck in the health department. Low-level playoff team would be us last season. 43 wins with a maxed out roster. But I'm sure Sixers fans would trade for that "winning culture" in a heartbeat.
  10. 9 likes
    Whoever it is, I agree with Sothron. You don't f*** up the tank for moral victories. Locking down that 3rd spot is critical and we blew it because we wanted the guys to feel good about themselves when their play the entire season wasn't good enough to win us more than enough games to know be in this position, to begin with. We saw the Pacers rated similarly with the Hawks before the season. The Pacers stepped up and won games and even in the playoffs and we were the worst team in the NBA in the 1st half of the year. Don't start playing like a champ when no one is taking you seriously and more focus on the strip club afterward than the game itself.
  11. 9 likes
    I’m going to enjoy watching you try to mash all your prior reasoning into this. You know, the stuff you said about how FA want to join a winning culture, and Bud wanting to join a winner, and how PHX, a team you have used as a poster child for why “tanking doesn’t work” is now “in a great position” because of the cap space and talent they have due to tanking. Lol. LOL.
  12. 9 likes
    No team thinks like this. It is beyond silly. This team didn't blink on taking $24M in dead salary with Plumlee and Crawford to get a pick and prep the roster for tanking. No team in history has wanted to to pass on the #1 pick for a #5 to save a couple million. The value you could get just by trading down would easily outstrip any savings not to mention the historical returns on the #1 pick being worth way more than the money saved. I'm totally on board with people wanting to win. Don't agree but I can see the different perspective and agree to disagree. This theory is the equivalent of a flat earth theory.
  13. 9 likes
  14. 9 likes
    If I was working at a company with a failed business model that is hemorrhaging money, uncompetitive in the current market, and on the brink of completly folding and was asked for a solution? I’d say sell off some assets to keep the lights on, restructure and probably completely rebrand. If they asked me for a timetable on when the company would be profitable again? I’d say worry about not taking on any more water first, you weren't profitable to begin with. But hey, you rather continue to be Toys R Us than work at being the next Amazon. Kudos to you and your “conviction”, that alone will see you to success. +2
  15. 9 likes
  16. 8 likes
    Alice Horford is the ONLY person to blame for Alice not continuing to be a Hawk. IF he wanted to stay, he could have stayed. He CHOSE to leave like a soft, whiny little B that he is. F him. Hate on Bud. Hate on Ressler. Hate on Schlenk. Whatever. Just don't ever stop hating on Alice freakin Horford and the Boston C's. I hate em all.
  17. 8 likes
  18. 8 likes
    Losing Bud is bad ... he is an excellent coach and is a key to any future success... it’s a big step back wards if he leaves
  19. 8 likes
    Because this doesn't fit your narrative, which has been he didn't want to be part of a tank job. And that if you tank you are doomed to years of failure. The Suns tanked, now they have hope to not be failures? Which is it? Tank and you are a failure or tank and it has a good future?
  20. 8 likes
    The bigger lesson was beware of guys who look too comfortable with lesser roles on their college teams.
  21. 8 likes
  22. 8 likes
    I predicted this too. Taking on bad contracts means not skimping on the payroll to save money. It means investing the money in picks rather than vets.
  23. 8 likes
    It was going to take a historic effort to pull this game off, and Denver's Wilson Chandler proved up to the task. ~lw3
  24. 8 likes
    Pretty sure Denver missing the playoffs despite growth from the rest of the roster makes that case more eloquently than I can. And in all seriousness, I like Sap but fit wasn't right. Owner wanted to rebuild and Sap isn't enough of a difference maker or young enough to build around. His play last year wasn't worth 30M and he didn't give close to that in value this year. He was only going to fit on a team with championship aspirations or a team that thought he was a difference maker for them. The Hawks don't fit either of those categories so just wish him the best -- except in games like tonight where his success comes at a detriment to the Hawks. In that case, I root for the Hawks.
  25. 8 likes
    I think there is only 1 unhappy guy on this message board!!! LOL!!!
  26. 8 likes
    Jokic is the most underrated player in the NBA. He is an absolute beast.
  27. 8 likes
    Magic win. Wolves win. Hawks win!
  28. 8 likes
  29. 8 likes
    Every win has cost us. Can't imagine why people were ok with them unless they legit wanted to see the team finish as high as they could this year. I totally give Northcyde, KB and others who think we are meaningfully better off winning 26 games than 20 a total pass on this. For those who wanted to have the best odds to draft and the highest worst case scenario for the draft (i.e., worst case for #1 is #4 pick, worst case for #5 is the #8 pick, etc.) but who were cool beating people a month ago because we were so bad it wouldn't matter...this is why it matters. Not everyone can tank as shamelessly as Memphis and that isn't a slam on Memphis. If you are going to tank, you better do so successfully. Half-a#$ing things is rarely good regardless of your strategy. You pick your path and commit to it - not this crap.
  30. 8 likes
    I'm admittedly a moron for getting trolled back into this conversation... but here it goes: Nobody has GUARANTEED that this will be a short fix. Nobody has GUARANTEED championships because of tanking. Everyone knows the draft is a crapshoot, but one with better odds of a really good player when you have a higher pick. Again, NOT GUARANTEED to anything. NOT GUARANTEED. Did I say that right? NOT GUARANTEED.
  31. 8 likes
    Should be nice obvious but fans are rooting for a high draft pick and losing simply gets you the best odds. This team is out of the playoffs so focus is on what the core will look like next year, not whether the team can Bobby Sura itself.
  32. 8 likes
  33. 8 likes
    Ferry drafted him. Bud sent him packing before the ink was dry on his new promotion.
  34. 7 likes
    I think it's premature and wholly unfair to already label Ressler a bad owner. He's only been an NBA owner for a couple of seasons, and there is definitely a learning curve to being a professional sports owner. He's clearly made mistakes, with his first and biggest being the handing of personnel power to the head coach. He then compounded this mistake by pressuring his miscast GM into making certain moves, such as the regrettable swapout of Al Horford for Dwight Howard. But the number one sign of a good owner is that they care (just ask us Braves fans). And Ressler clearly cares about this team. But a more difficult second lesson for a neophyte owner is knowing how to control that level of caring and knowing how to let sports people do sports work. Ressler is wrestling (sorry, couldn't resist) with this one. He took a big step in the right direction, however, by conducting a structured search for, and then hiring, a proper General Manager. Now, Ressler will just need to further learn to stay out of his GM's way. Incidentally, I do wish the Hawks had some sort of VP of Basketball Ops/Czar-type as a bridge between the GM and owner (What does Rick Sund actually do, by the way?) Nonetheless, I do think Ressler is evolving in a positive way. Remember, Falcons fans, Arthur Blank made plenty of mistakes early on in his ownership. But even when he was erring, you always knew that his heart was in the right place, and that he just needed his head to catch up with his heart. I believe that Ressler shows the same potential as an owner.
  35. 7 likes
    Then I wouldn’t do it. Let Bud suffer in Atlanta and leave when his contract ends. so sick of Atlanta franchise getting screwed in every tight situation they get in. I like bud but for once I hope we have a franchise that has some damn balls if bud doesn’t try his last two seasons then it’d be on his reputation as well. Right now he’s still known as a good coach...if he shows no coaching effort over two years it will hurt his good reputation that he currently has. to me Atlanta controls the situation...now how are you going to go about it is the question
  36. 7 likes
    That sounds like Orlando or Atlanta.
  37. 7 likes
    I agree but how’s the nba going to respond? i can see it now... Schlenk: yes, we believe mike Budenholzer was affiliated with the Phx Suns secretly in effort to gain the number 1 pick Silver: Ok where is your proof?.... Schlenk: yes...well bud purposely won a ga.... Silver: ...soooo Bud purposely tried to win a game? Is that what you were going to say?...so are you stating you were tanking on purpose this season ? Schlenk: ....lol come on what is schlenk really going to say to Silver and the NBA front office? Lol
  38. 7 likes
    https://www.peachtreehoops.com/2018/4/10/17218866/atlanta-hawks-nba-draft-2018-travis-schlenk-best-player-available-first-round-plan-fit “Best player available. We made the mistake one year in Golden State, and I’ve told this story a couple times to people. The highest draft pick we had in my time there in the front office was the 6th pick in the draft, and we selected Ekpe Udoh. And Ekpe actually plays for the Utah Jazz now. But we selected him because we needed a rim-protecting big so we drafted on more of a need as opposed to the best player. So that was kind of a mistake we made. But you live and you learn so that won’t be a mistake that we make this year. We’re going to take the best guy available.”
  39. 7 likes
    Just posting a random message here. There is no obligation to reply to it just because it's here. ~lw3
  40. 7 likes
    When are you ever going to admit you're wrong about something??? Millsap didn't help a better roster to the playoffs this year We didn't lose our Minnesota pick like you want us to so badly The Hawks didn't lose 60 games this year Bud isn't going anyway and is looking forward to coaching the young players in the future Giannis ain't winning a playoff series this year either. Oh I forgot...You were wrong about Philly...They did win 50 games
  41. 7 likes
    I'm not taking my chances with Parker's knee. He could go down for a third time and you basically lose 2 seasons because of it. Plus he makes Collins look like Tim Duncan on defense. And that's only a slight exaggeration. Parker doesn't play an ounce of defense. I don't expect Schlenk to use the cap to sign anyone who factors into our future. He'll probably take on another bad contract or two in a trade while we spend another season in the lottery. Then maybe we make a move the next season.
  42. 7 likes
    If we get the #1 pick, we are definitely taking Keita Bates-Diop or Devonte Graham.
  43. 7 likes
    Still amazes me that with 9 years experience, if you give Jeffrey the ball with under 15 seconds on the game clock he's still guaranteed not to get a shot attempt up before it expires.
  44. 7 likes
    Wow! Soooo JJJ is this drafts Embiid???? PLEASE MAKE ME EAT CROW....if @KB21 is right about this one he deserves apologies from everyone including me and a full thread of comments of how great he is. oh man I’m going to remember this one! BOOK MARK THIS PAGE
  45. 7 likes
    KB has sources whose opinions he trusts and he has posted them several times on the thread for those interested. The "you guys just follow espn like sheep" stuff needs to stop, though. That is trolling and taking personal shots. We can disagree on topics here and still treat eachother basic respect. We are all Hawks fans.
  46. 7 likes
    Building on this (which I've been silently screaming for probably the last 6 years), I'd like to add a couple of things and respond to @Diesel. There are different narratives being blurred together. There is the ideology of tanking, which is more or less intentionally losing and then there is the methodology of rebuilding, which is more akin to cutting your losses and starting over. My preference is to reboot and rebuild. There is a parallel between tanking and rebuilding in the net results, but not in the subtext. One is an unsportsmanlike practice, the other is at worst, an unfortunate last resort. Personally, the tanking ideology is of no consequence to me. If we're being honest...the real difference between being a perpetual stepping stone for contenders and constantly missing the playoffs is preference. If a team can tread water and land a gem in the middle of the 1st round (super unrealistic) or salvage the next Chauncey Billups, or sign Chris Paul... what's the difference between that and treading the lottery and also landing said gem? Not much IMO... We know that the former is the road less travelled that you will struggle to find more than 2 or 3 examples of without reaching, semantics, and bending facts. We know that the latter WILL present a team with either a star player or the most coveted asset next to having one (a lottery pick). Interestingly enough, some teams try to treadmil, flirt with missing the post season, and end up in the lottery anyway. For me, it boils down to watching us get bounced in the 1st and 2nd round for 30 years. I can't watch another decade of it. As much of a fan as I am, I would first hang up my Hawks hat. I don't define success as making the playoffs. So, there is no difference between the 5th seed and the top of the lottery. UNDERSTAND though... There IS a difference for me if the team is on the rise in the 4/5 seed vs treadmilling in the 4/5 seed - like where Philly is now (and do realize they are knocking on 50 wins). As to D's question, I see a 5 year rebuild at most if things turn out right. In an ideal world, 3 seasons is not unrealistic. We went from lottery to playoffs in four under that IDIOT Billy Knight. It is possible and with the East the way it is, IMO very likely.
  47. 7 likes
    Predicting the next ECF isn’t about “guts”, it’s stupidity. This is just baiting people into fulfilling the strawman KB created. How’s this: how many seasons of paying Howard, Bazemore, THJ, and Schröder $70 million to be barely above replacement level would it have taken to get us to the Finals? How many if you add a declining and injured Millsap to make it a cool $100 million?
  48. 7 likes
  49. 7 likes
    I could care less about Doncic's skin color. Kid looks like the best prospect in Euro history which is saying something with the talent that has come into the league from there. I think he has both a high floor and a high ceiling.
  50. 7 likes
    Pop rested Duncan, Parker, and Manu in a primetime game vs Miami when LeBron was there to spite the media. I don't really care if we rest Dennis away against the kings. Where was Gasol tonight for the Griz who may have competed with him they are shamelessly tanking.