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  1. Hawks favorites to land Kris Humphries?

    Insert joke about the wives of those elusive Alpharetta Unicorns.  (My wife knows only a handful of NBA players and two of them are Odom and Humphries).
  2. Hawks Buyout Candidates

    Hickson's from Georgia, FWIW.
  3. Welcome Back, Captain Kirk!

    At least get a dumbphone with a slide-out qwerty keyboard, Soth. 
  4. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Was just thinking that Hinrich sounds German.  
  5. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Thanks for the quick math.  I agree that we're seeing media negotiations (the quotes from Al have been quite "chummy").
  6. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Can't say I disagree.  The idea behind this one was that it would collect all the clickbait rumors. I see no reason why legitimate tweets/articles from proven NBA writers should have to get thrown in here...  That might be too subjective a distinction, though.
  7. Trade Deadline Rumors

    @hawksfanatic  I've been out-of-the-loop.  What's a reasonable expectation for Horford's first-year max salary?  How would a flat, five-year deal (at that first-year amount) compare to a max, four-year deal from another team?
  8. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Can't decide how to respond.  On one hand, you mentioned South Carolina and I should make fun of them.  On the other hand, that would mean acknowledging their existence...
  9. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Speculate away.  Please do try to link the original rumor's source, if at all possible.
  10.   If you need advice, lemme know.
  11. What is the word that Dominique mispronounces

    Strength is a English's "shibboleth." Seriously, I wish pronunciations like "strenth" and "axed" (instead of asked) were standard. Soooo much easier to pronounce.
  12. J Won't Get Rich Off This Deal

    I remember reading an article years back when Netflix was just beginning to put together an algorithm to recommend movies to its customers. They stated that moveis like Napolean Dynamite caused the most troubles for their efforts because people either love it or hate it without any clear pattern why. Don't think this was the exact article, but it's close: http://kottke.org/08/11/the-netflix-prize-and-the-case-of-the-napoleon-dynamite-problem
  13. Papa is now a rolling stone ya know

    JBH beat me to the DEN news. (I'm getting slow in my old Internet age). Anywho, interesting tidbit about the waiting period after waivers. Never heard that before.
  14. Papa is now a rolling stone ya know

    His contract is reportedly non-guaranteed until early October, so grabbing him off waivers would be risk-free for a team under the cap...
  15. Papa is now a rolling stone ya know

    A few teams below the cap might snag him up on waivers. If not, the Hawks will be competing against European teams to sign him, so I don't think he'll sign a minimum contract. But he's certainly a good fit.