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  1. Gotta agree with this. He's ready to be in the rotation.
  2. Okay, I laughed.
  3. Ahh, Chatuge, I remember you well as the place some old creep ((())) offered the 9-year-old me a beer right before he jumped into the green water... Fond memories. On a slightly less weird note, sporadic power outages from Matthew caused school cancellations here in Raleigh. Not used to that kind of thing...
  4. I think it's unlikely that we will regret his leaving three or four years from now. The regret will be the fact the current team isn't much better, if at all, without him. But, it's not like the Hawks were winning the championship with him, so we might as well move on and wish him well.
  5. This is humorous to me because Nets' fans were complaining for several years that Jack is a shoot-first guard. Hopefully it was just a system issue.
  6. Honestly, this is what good teams do - bring in more than 15 and whittle down over the next two months or so. Let some of these fight for their spots, and then trade/cut the leftovers.
  7. What a thoroughly professional interview from Teague. Hard not to like the guy.
  8. I'd say that's debatable. Diehard Nets' fans hated him, FWIW. At this price, he's about as good as you're going to do.
  9. He was playing pretty terribly before his injury, so I wouldn't expect much from him. But for the minimum and with two other good options on the roster, it's a good signing.
  10. Seems mutually beneficial in this case, for sure.
  11. Ha! Never noticed that before. Could they be the same person? Ever seen them post at the same time?
  12. On Over-36 stuff, thank goodness hawksfanatic is still out there in the Twitterverse to deal with these nuances: https://twitter.com/atlhawksfanatic
  13. Yes, but the Hawks were always going to sign Al last because his cap hold was for less than what he was gonna make in his first season AND was going to take them over the cap. So, in that sense, it really didn't matter whether Al made $18M in his first season or $26M.
  14. I won't pretend that I completely understand the over-36 rule, but here's the short answer from Larry Coon: The Hawks' offer would be limited to four seasons, but so would any other teams'. This means the Hawks' offer would be limited to somewhere between $5-10M more over the course of a four-year max contract than other (presumably better) teams'. He'd have to WANT to stay in Atlanta. BTW, LeBron will be directly affected by this next year (same age as Millsap), so it might come up in the CBA negotiations...
  15. Oddly enough, I woke up this morning wondering if the Over-36 rule would affect Millsap. Since it does, I think it's definitely time to trade him. He'll be wooed by teams better than the Hawks.