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    • Major Hawksquawk Upgrade!   10/08/2015

      Update 3:16PM EST - The site is up and running (for Hawksquawk Supporters right now) with the default (customized slightly for Hawksquawk) theme installed. There are a TON of background processes being run right now to update post content so you're going to see things like quoting not displaying properly for a while. The site will also be running a bit slow while these processes go on. Unfortunately this will take a bit but it's required with such a major software upgrade. I plan to have the new Hawksquawk skin online in a couple of hours and will be opening up the site to everyone then. Thank you all for your patience.  Update 1:56PM EST - The upgrade has not gone quite as smoothly as hoped but we're past the major hurdles and we're hoping to be back up within a couple of hours. Sorry for the delay all.  Hawksquawk is currently offline while we upgrade the site to the exciting new system. This is a major upgrade with a lot of moving parts but we should be back up sometime Thursday morning EST.


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