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  1. Official Game Preview: Hawks at Celtics GAME 4

    I guess Millsap got tired of people calling him a chump for his play in the playoffs this year and last. Curious to see how he plays in the second half.
  2. Official Game Preview: Celtics at Hawks

    That's how you respond after how the Celtics played in the first half.
  3. Official Game Preview: Celtics at Hawks

    Where the hell is the defense? We need to win this game...
  4. Merged: Danny Ferry mega thread

    Eh, ASG knew about these findings (an overview even though there was no written report submitted) way back in Sept. And apparently (due to the promotions), new ownership wants to wash their hands of it. So no, that ship has sailed.
  5. Can't believe we were still in this after that rigged ejection to Horf. Even still, can't say that I'm impressed at all with Bud's coaching this postseason. What a disheartening way to lose knowing our season rested on this game...a game in which we led a good bit and had to have..even on the road.   EDIT: The refs suck and we need wholesale changes to the unwritten rule book for superstars.
  6. Of course it is CLE ball...
  7. Man, just like that, Lebron strikes. Ugh!
  9. All we do is shoot 3 after damn 3. GO. TO. THE. RIM!
  10. What the hell was that?
  11. They love to find a way to reel you back in after you thought they were dead in the water...
  12. We better return the favor Game 2. There was no way we were going to beat the Cavs in a First-to-Four series with us playing like we have in the playoffs because even without Love, the Cavs are no Nets or Wizards.   We don't need to channel the Jan/Feb Hawks...that ship may have sailed. However, we HAVE to do better than a C/C- game...
  13. Looks like we are going to have to pull a Rockets Game 6 out of our azzes on this one...
  14. Well now, that escalated quickly. Sigh...
  15. Man, gotta do better...We HAVE to win at least one of these first two home games.