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  1. Alan Anderson come on down. You are the newest member of the squad.
  2. I think @HopefulHawksFan is next
  3. Keep it simple and select Adreian Payne.
  4. Whining Spartans Fan selects: Isaiah Canaan
  5. I am kind of over this and have been for weeks now. Let me scour the draft board and get a pick in shortly.
  6. Whining Spartans Fan selects: Coach Tom Thibodeau
  7. I am sure I fell off some I am guessing?
  8. Mason Plumlee is the newest addition to Whining Spartans Fan squad. @ViewsFromTheSquawk is next.
  9. It's Jack by a wide margin and that has less to do with him, but more do to with the pkayers on the bench with him.
  10. Whining Spartans Fan selects: Denzel Valentine
  11. Madeline Lorna was born this morning at 1230. Mother and baby are doing well! Hands down I am more terrified of this than anything else in my life. Been deployed multiple times and had the responsibility of getting soldiers back home as well and those do not compare so many emotions right now. Blessed and amazed top the list though!
  12. Scott Steiner and his recliner! He gets his freaks horizontal and then they know he's the man with the biggest arms in the world.
  13. Well baby arm is a suitable nickname for Draymond apparently..
  14. Whining Spartans Fan selects: Markieff Morris from weed tech. Sorry not sure who is next.
  15. Funny you should mention that. We are in the early stages of labor since late this morning. I will get a pick in soon.