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  1. 2016 Draft prospects

    Realistic options only please.  Guessing the Hawks will pick somewhere between the mid-late teens and mid twenties.  Yeah a wide range, but hey.   Kris Dunn PG from Providence might be the best point guard in the country.  Latest mock I saw had him at 18th or so.     And our course my homer pick this year is Denzel Valentine.  Mister do everything for the Spartans.  Extremely high basketball smarts with amazing court vision and awareness.  Has shown the ability to run the offense as a point albeit in small doses, but he's been doing this more already this season.  He's very comparable to Draymond Green in his skill set.  Obviously he's quicker, more athletic,  and doesn't share Green's defensive and rebound prowess.  Areas he needs to work on are his shooting consistency especially from deep.  He can be a streaky shooter and when he's on he's electric.  This season I want to see him ease up a bit with trying to force certain passes.  He thinks he can make any pass and in most cases he can, but there are times in a game when things are going well he'll just try and make some ridiculous pass and it results in a turnover.   If anyone doesn't know about him, I suggest you see his triple-double against Kansas last week.  
  2. But to answer the original question.  No I think this team was a feel good story last season that played way above their heads.  It was an exciting run, but once the playoffs started they showed their true form.  Struggled against a bad Brooklyn team.  Limped by a Wizards team who was missing John Wall for like half the series.  ECF were a crap show from the opening tip. Now to the present day.  Bud is in over his head as a GM/coach.  Questionable personnel decisions all off season have resulted in a roster that overall has gotten worse or best case stayed the same.  Are the Hawks a bad team?  No they aren't bad at all, but they aren't a great team either.  They are good sometimes, but generally speaking they are average on most nights.  In my opinion they are a very flawed team and have too many issues that need to be addressee for them to ever be a legit title team.  Moreover they don't have any building blocks either.  The core is good, but aging.  There are no young pups to build a future upon.  I see the Hawks future as bleak as anyone's in the league.  
  3. True or false Deke would get 15 rebounds on a night on the Hawks right now?
  4. The Hawks need a GM.  
  5. Cavaliers big men dismantle hawks again..

    Somewhere in Africa Danny Ferry is laughing at this team.
  6. Where is Hardaway?

    On what planet are Scott and Muscala established players?
  7. Official Game Preview: Kings at Hawks

    Bazemore is out again tonight.  Teague is a GTD?  Is Korver available even though it's a back to back?
  8. Where is Hardaway?

    He isn't playing because he's not good enough.  If he were he would have gotten some run in those games the Hawks were down some wing players.  
  9. Atlanta media is soft and will never be tough enough to ask these types of questions.  The media and Atlanta teams are all soft.
  10. One key offensive woe.....

    Major offensive woe is not being able to score the basketball.  
  11. Do We....

    Cousins isn't a good teammate though. He wouldn't be a welcome addition here and thus will not happen.
  12. Do We....

    well the Hawks are scared of good free agents so I think we know the answer.
  13. Observations vs Jazz

    Soft team that gets beat up by inferior teams.  I think the better teams in the league are gonna put the Hawks back into reality.  
  14. Observations at Boston

    How is this team built for the playoffs?  Splitter instead of Pero and DMC is replaced with scrubs.  
  15. Observations vs Minn

    Bazemore did a great job in making sure the Hawks did not comeback tonight.