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  1. Why do a lot of the images have people with very skinny faces?
  2. With the 36th pick in the dynasty draft Whining Spartans Fan selects: Deandre Jordan, Center No time for a write up, Deandre gave GM Alex Stubbs his word that he would a great player for the team. @IheartVolt is next.
  3. will make my pick around 5 central time this evening.
  4. Wait. Did I make that power bottom comment on this forum?
  5. Oh whoops I guess I read something that said his timer has lapsed. My mistake.
  6. With the 29th pick in the 2016 Dynasty Draft Whining Spartans Fan select: The Lehigh Laser AKA CJ McCollum. At just 24 years old the youth movement continues. The shooting guard position isn't very strong, but McCollum quickly turned a lot of heads this past season. Scoring 20 points a game with a 45% field goal percentage to go along with a 41% clip from deep and we have ourselves a star in the making! Ideally we'd like to see CJ add some more to his game and we are talking about getting to the basket more and not always shooting a jumper. The ability to improve is quite clear with CJ as he did win most improved player in the league. Coach &^*&$%## was quoted recently after GM Alex Stubbs made the draft selection. "CJ has a bright future ahead of him. We only expect him to grow as a player and more importantly as a man. The culture that GM Alex Stubbs has created here is only for winners and great people." CJ McCollum was available shorlty after the selection was made and offered up a couple comments. "I am going to be flexing...and not just on the hoes either." "Don't underestimate me or my teammates. Do yourselves a favor and trash talk to me, please." @ViewsFromTheSquawk is on the ticking thing that tells time.
  7. Will make my pick disappointing pick in a few minutes. There isn't any single player on the board who I am remotely excited about.
  8. He weighs over 2000 lbs.
  9. He's a fat slob mow!
  10. Are you a power bottom?
  11. Use mobile if not on your computer. I don't mess around with that zap a tap or tapazap AP thing.
  12. With the 4th pick in the 2016 Dynasty Draft the Whining Spartans Fan selects: Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State. At 25 Kawhi is still so young and is a building block piece for any team. The Whining Spartans Fan like his versatility and how he can take a game over in so many different ways. "Kawhi is a basketball player and we like basketball players" general manager, owner, and all around great guy Alex Stubbs said after the announcement was made public. @IheartVolt is on the clock.
  13. Oh yeah we are fine. Wife and I are expecting kiddo number uno sometime in the near future or anytime now I suppose. Just a check up today.
  14. He would help out our rebounding numbers.
  15. I am at the hospital now and will make my pick within a couple hours.