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  1. Good thing we gave him that contract before he is able to shoot the ball. Maybe by the end of he will have found a consistent shot.
  2. The vast majority only cares about money. There are some exceptions.
  3. Someone has to win...if you think winning a title is the priority for athletes versus getting a giant contract you are sadly mistaken.
  4. Typical NBA player and professional athlete. Get your payday and stop working hard. 95% of athletes don't care about winning or their teammates. Once they get paid it's a wrap.
  5. It's the second week of November. Get back to me when it's the second week of May.
  6. Could be a good chance to let the two rookies (reaches) get some playing time.
  7. Probably gonna get run out of the gym by Houston tonight.
  8. Well actually with his contract he could buy a bucket and then some.
  9. Things seem to be getting better. Wife went back to work a couple weeks ago so we started daycare. It's attached to our church so it's really convenient for us and it's a five minute drive. The price seems good considering what else we saw out there, but wow infant daycare is an expensive deal. She is still sleeping with my wife on the couch, but she pretty much sleeps throughout the night. We try to go to sleep around the same time each night and dropping her off at daycare in the morning around the same time as well. She will sleep in her crib very seldom and usually only for small amounts of time. I think daycare will really help her get used to a routine. She is smiling like crazy right now and has discovered her hands and feet. I get frustrated very easily still, but whenever she gives me a big smile it melts my heart. It has been a rough ride thus far, but plenty of happy moments too!
  10. The Spurs are the Spurs. Pop is the greatest coach of this generation and a ring without Duncan probably cements him in the top 3-5 of all time.
  11. Bazemore gets handed a nice contract and all of sudden he's awful. I know it's 2 games, but he's been the worst player out there.
  12. I nailed the prediction last season. Can't forget about the mule either as he did as well. 1. 44-38 2. #6 3. First round exit 4. 806
  13. Some days are better than others. It's amazing when she's content and not crying. There are times where she is wide awake and playing on her mat that makes sounds and music and has things she can crab hold of. Those are the best moments. Then there are the opposite times which seem to frequent us more often. A majority of the time she will refuse to nap. Yesterday was terrible. She would not sleep at all during the day and then that turned into evening time. Once she sleeps she will be out for a good 5-6 hours. Issue is she won't sleep in her bed. She has to be lying on my wife which is the only thing that works now. We know it's not ideal, but at this point it's all we can do. Once my wife goes back to work I don't know what's going to happen. This is the most amazing and frustrating time of our life though. My wife is a trooper and I can see it's taking a toll on her. I am sure all this is normal, but I get frustrated so easily (it's a work in progress) that I think it only makes things worse.
  14. Regular season accolades mean absolutely nothing. Just ask Golden State that.