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  1. Here is why the Hawks wont win the ECF

    There is only one reason why the Hawks won't win the ECF.  It's because they won't be in them.
  2. Official Game Thread: Celtics at Hawks GAME 5

    Very impressive victory.  No other way to put it.  I didn't think the Hawks had that sort of game in them.    From the start you could tell the Hawks weren't going to let it beat them.  He received a lot of attention and deservingly so.  He had torched us earlier in this series.  He gets frustrated very easily and when he's not scoring the basketball he's not really tuned into the game.   I actually liked this game plan of making someone else beat you.  I just think the Hawks need to focus a tad more on actually guarding the perimeter instead of leaving wide open threes.   There were more than a couple occasions where a Celtics player had a warm up jumper from deep.  Absolutely can't have another slow start like game 5 in Boston for game 6. 
  3. Official Game Thread: Celtics at Hawks GAME 5

    I expect a quick start for the Hawks.  Taper off through the second quarter and face a halftime deficit of 6-10 points.  Back and forth through most of the third quarter.  Boston gets it up to 14 or so, but Atlanta claws back to end the period down by 6.  I think Atlanta finally plays a fourth quarter tonight.     Hawks find a way to get it done albeit in an ugly fashion.     Boston 85 Atlanta 88
  4. 2016 playoffs discussion

    Portland has a really great chance to make WCF now.  
  5. Don't look now

    I have tried the positive thing before, but it's so damn hard for me.  To me the goal in sports is to win.  Anything short of a title in my is a failure.  Wrong mentality to have...I get it.  I mean I am slowly realizing that certain teams probably will never win an NBA title.  I think the Hawks are one of them.  So I am going to try and enjoy the remainder of their season however long that is and just watch them play.
  6. Don't look now

    Size doesn't matter.    Anyway back on track.  I know you and many others will find it hard to believe, but I am a Hawks fan.  I don't like to see them struggle or lose anything.  However I do garner expectations and always remain realistic in regards to my teams.  I never have any confidence and never talk down the other teams fans.  I have been burned many times with expectations and have learned to not expect anything anymore.  I am this way with all my sports teams.  I am pessimistic and critique how I see fit.  In some cases I am overly negative or as I call it brutally honest with my opinions.  I don't feel this type of fandom makes someone any less of fan  of their team.  I also don't think an ultra homer is more of a fan of their team than anyone else.  I say what I want to say and don't care what the masses think of it.  Call it trolling or whatever you will, but this is just how I operate.    I will on occasion throw in an "I told you so," but it's not meant to be rubbed in anyone's face.  It's more or less my own self recognition and congratulations, 
  7. Don't look now

    But the series is knotted up at 2.  Boston has all the momentum right now too.  I am not hear to toot my own horn about this either.   What I do want to know is if people are actually legitimately worried now?  Millsap played great in a game the Hawks needed to win.  I initially thought that Boston would win so unfortunately this isn't a surprise to me.  For you other fans who had confidence in the Hawks, how do you feel right now?     Again not trying to start anything, but genuinely want to get a feel for how most are feeling now. 
  8. Millsap

    Millsap clearly reads this place.  
  9. Official Game Preview: Hawks at Celtics GAME 4

    Didn't see much of the game and saw nothing after halftime.  Sounds like the Hawks choked it away?  
  10. Positives from game 3

    It wasn't a close loss though.  Boston dominated for 75 percent of the game.  Hawks made a surge and then Boston took the game over again with relative ease.  
  11. Hawks 4:1 Celtics bet with me

    I don't have that kind of money to gamble with.  I am not really sure what you are after here, but I am going to pass on this and anything else you jabs to offer.   Good luck finding whatever it is you want. 
  12. 2016 playoffs discussion

    Charlotte ends their playoff draught.  Had lost 12 straight in the playoffs until their blowout win today.  
  13. Hawks 4:1 Celtics bet with me

    I don't see the point in not posting on the board.  The people here and their differing opinions are what makes this place great.  We can place a monetary amount on this and maybe we can think of something else to wager on.  
  14. Hawks 4:1 Celtics bet with me

    Let's pony up the stakes some.  Do you have Paypal?
  15. Isiah Thomas

    I like this because you spelled "Isiah" again.  Nicely done.