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  1. Can't see why San Antonio would trade Anderson.  His style of play is perfect for the Spurs.  
  2. If this true we are kind of screwed

    I used to be in the tank/rebuild camp.  I am realizing the Hawks will never win a title much less ever win the east.  If they went full rebuild there is no guarantee of anything.  We know free agents who can help the Hawks over the hump aren't coming here.  I think I am content with the Hawks doing what they have been.  Playoff basketball every year.  
  3. Teague is still on a team friendly contract.  He has value to the Hawks with his play and contract status.        
  4. Markreef

  5. LeBrendas March On

    Toronto had the deck stacked against them like everyone does when they play Cleveland.  Toronto fought hard out there, but at the end of the day they aren't going to overcome the disadvantages of league officials against him.  The talent disparity wasn't as far off as people thought, but the difference was perimeter shooting and role players scoring consistently for Cleveland.  
  6. Coaching means very little in the NBA.  Even more so when you have a team with stars on it like OKC.  Scott Brooks had his team in the finals and if it weren't for injuries in back to back seasons they would have been competing year in and year out.  Not hard to coach a team with talent.  You take any coach in the league and put them in charge of the Thunder and it's not any different.  Coaching didn't contribute to Golden State missing wide open shots in game 4.     Also the league has a hard on for OKC now.  Going back to the San Antonio series where every close call/non call went against the Spurs.  The officiating this series has been bad and favors the Thunder on a nightly basis.  Don't even get me started on the ECF either.  The agenda the league has is so obvious.  It's not even difficult to see it.  Surprised more people don't actually realize the league is fixed.  Not saying every single game is pre determined, but there are match ups the league wants and you can make damn sure they inform the officials of this before top off.  
  7. If this true we are kind of screwed

    NBA is stupid with their cap system in place.  Just complete nonsense.  A hard cap would fix a lot of issues.  
  8. Dray Green vs. Paul Millsap.

    Green is what 5-6 years younger?  He's better defensively, decision making, passing, and rebounding.  Paul has the edge in offense though.   Green is overall the better player.  We don't have the shot makers like Golden State so Green wouldn't look as good numbers wise.  I think the Warriors take a step back without Green and inserting Millsap.
  9. Mateen Cleaves/Scott Skiles Shannon Brown/Alan Anderson Morris Peterson Draymond Green Zach Randolph/Adreian Payne  
  10. And Carroll just clanked another wide open three.  
  11. Paul and Al just miss All NBA teams

    Do you watch basketball like ever?
  12. Are we sure we don't want this guy?

    What is going on? What is going on?
  13. Baze developing, Tim developing

    Not this again.  
  14. Hawksquawk Official Top 20 Draft Board

    Wrong Purdue big man.  Swanigan is terrible.  Big man who belongs in the post who think he is a shooter.  Actually he fits the Hawks mold then.