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  1. I nailed the prediction last season. Can't forget about the mule either as he did as well. 1. 44-38 2. #6 3. First round exit 4. 806
  2. Some days are better than others. It's amazing when she's content and not crying. There are times where she is wide awake and playing on her mat that makes sounds and music and has things she can crab hold of. Those are the best moments. Then there are the opposite times which seem to frequent us more often. A majority of the time she will refuse to nap. Yesterday was terrible. She would not sleep at all during the day and then that turned into evening time. Once she sleeps she will be out for a good 5-6 hours. Issue is she won't sleep in her bed. She has to be lying on my wife which is the only thing that works now. We know it's not ideal, but at this point it's all we can do. Once my wife goes back to work I don't know what's going to happen. This is the most amazing and frustrating time of our life though. My wife is a trooper and I can see it's taking a toll on her. I am sure all this is normal, but I get frustrated so easily (it's a work in progress) that I think it only makes things worse.
  3. Regular season accolades mean absolutely nothing. Just ask Golden State that.
  4. Respect is earned not given. After a histroric run in 2015 that led to the Hawks playing so far over their heads they ended up getting trucked by Cleveland in the ECF. Only making it that far because John Wall got hurt the series before for Washington. Fast forward a year and the nearly identical roster performed worse in the regular season once again was utterly dominated by Cleveland one round earlier this time. The Hawks are going in wrong the direction as far as I am concerned. They got worse this off season and deserve whatever the "experts" hurl at them.
  5. My guess is Millsap is gone by the deadline or he walks next summer for nothing. I think he would take a lesser deal to be on a competitive team and actually can compete for the finals. I think Indiana will turn some heads this season and find a way to get Millsap and overtake Cleveland by 2017.
  6. I really don't know my roster anymore. I know I was ranked number 1 in 2K like halfway through, but I would be very surprised if I am top 10 still.
  7. Alan Anderson come on down. You are the newest member of the squad.
  8. I think @HopefulHawksFan is next
  9. Keep it simple and select Adreian Payne.
  10. Whining Spartans Fan selects: Isaiah Canaan
  11. I am kind of over this and have been for weeks now. Let me scour the draft board and get a pick in shortly.
  12. Whining Spartans Fan selects: Coach Tom Thibodeau
  13. I am sure I fell off some I am guessing?
  14. Mason Plumlee is the newest addition to Whining Spartans Fan squad. @ViewsFromTheSquawk is next.
  15. It's Jack by a wide margin and that has less to do with him, but more do to with the pkayers on the bench with him.