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  1. Do you all trust these guys?

    We need to upgrade the 2 and 3 spots in the starting lineup.  This has been an issue for a long time.  I fully expected this team to not improve this off season and they didn't.  Now the deadline is fast approaching and again nothing will happen for better or for worse.  My guess is they sit idle because that's all they know how to do.
  2. Honestly there isn't anyone on this roster who is a must have.  Any and everyone should be available in a trade at this point.  The only player who I would miss is Millsap.  Dennis is young enough that maybe you make him the starter, but too many times he plays Dennis ball out there.  
  3. WHEW!! Now, that worry is behind us !

    Team is a complete joke at this point.  There aren't three players on the roster worth keeping moving forward.  Tear it down.
  4. Bud without Ferry = FAIL!!!

    I'd rather Kelly Oubre than Hardaway or Holiday.  
  5. 2016 Prospect Big Board

    Denzel is probably the most ready NBA player right now.  He will slip to the mid teens or lower because of his age.  Has all the tools you would want in a player.  See Draymond Green.  Buddy Hield is ready to play at the next level too.  Kid is playing unreal right now.  He is in the midst of a 50/50/90 shooting performance.  Hield will go before we could snag him, but I would love to grab him.  
  6. Teague Trade is NOT immenent.

    I am not even really talking about the deadline or anything.  More the lack of an effort to improve during the off season.  
  7. Teague Trade is NOT immenent.

    What setting is this treadmill on?
  8. Official Game Preview: Hawks at Pacers (7 PM Tip!)

    So Millsap is done?
  9. Al is in his walk year and chances are he's gonna command more than the Hawks are willing pay.  The Hawks aren't winning anything this season.  It makes sense to trade him and get something in return.  
  10. Maybe package Teague and Horford together.  Sent both of them to Philly.  I will take Nerlens and Covington plus their first round pick.  
  11. The biggest disappointment of this team...

    Team still can't rebound the basketball and there isn't a small forward who should be starting in this league on the roster.  
  12. The biggest disappointment of this team...

    We all know who the GM, but we also know Bud has say in personnel as well.  They are a bad combo and are the sole reason why this team will never compete.
  13. The biggest disappointment of this team...

    Biggest disappointment has been the front office.
  14. Official Game Preview: Hawks at Suns

    Had a chance to watch most of the game and I can honestly say I am glad I don't see more of this team.  They are so frustrating to watch in the little bit I have seen of them this season.  I feel bad for Millsap because every day he has to play with this team.  Zero toughness or desire to try and play tough.  Millsap is a basketball player through and though.  He deserves much better than this.
  15. Agreed that this team is going nowhere fast, but none of those trades would ever be accepted.