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  1. DeMarre Carroll: "Hawks didn't make much effort to keep me"

    It's more than that. If you listened to him when every opportunity presented itself, his loyalty was always Benjamins and Franklins. Good for him. I'd have never given him that amount of money. See ya.
  2. Consolidated Discussion of FA SFs / Replacing DMC

    Definitely agreed.
  3. Goodbye DMC...

    Wish DeMarre the best, but he was always going to the highest bidder.  
  4. This Has to Be the Stupidest Shit Ever?!

    Shhh....that sounds too right!
  5. Tim Hardaway Jr is a Hawk

    I didn't put it as eloquent, but that's the point.  I'm hoping our player development does what it has for several players who came here with negative connotations attached to them.  It's fair to think that we could have played the "market" a little wiser.  Anyone can say after the fact, "We're surprised NY got a first for him," after the fact.  But playing the draft MAY have netted you the ability to get him, but not at the price you paid.  Unless we were worried that he had that many suitors trying to trade for him.
  6. Pero's Back!

    The gifs are priceless. Pero leaving.....meh.
  7. Tim Hardaway Jr is a Hawk

    LOL. Point well received.  In the end, we all want the Hawks to get to where we want them to be: Champions.  I never railed against Ferry and agreed/disagreed with a few things he did as well.  Bud does deserve the benefit of the doubt...so we'll see. BTW....no such thing as too honest.  Just bring it...
  8. Tim Hardaway Jr is a Hawk

    clown fodder? That's funny.  Since when can't people voice displeasure without being considered clowns or whatever?   I'm no GM, but I'm a fan.  If I want to say, "I don't like the trade," I think I can do so intelligently without playing the message board police guy.  I was against the trade because I believe there were better ways to maneuver to get Hardaway if that was your guy.  I have a wait and see approach, but it doesn't mean I'm happy about the way draft night went down.
  9. Anyone else nervous about free agency?

    After our "politely" put, putrid display on draft night, I would hope that we don't stay status quo.  Get creative, do what you have to do, but I'm not wanting another "can't get past the Cavs" type of year.  The regular season...we'll do well status quo.  But as teams improve, we need to improve as well.
  10. Detroit targeting Demarre Carroll in FA

    I'm in that camp too!
  11. got a funny feeling about the draft

    I have a feeling Dennis won't be traded. And that is fine by me.
  12. Josh Smith insults the Atlanta fanbase

    Long range Shanty can kick rocks! Who cares what he thinks. We do have fans that are "prove it" kinda fans, but the last person to call out a fan should be a stubborn player who wouldn't or couldn't change his mentality for his or the teams sake.
  13. I was wrong.......

    Sorry, but Ferry made a mistake.  People have done much worse in sports and somehow made it back quicker (Other than Roger Goddell this year...lol).  The word forgiveness should apply and I think he's paid the price for what he's done.  He's the architect and I don't think he's a victim per se, but he'd done the time. Welcome back Danny.
  14. Yall Killing Me

    Are you not entertained?!!!!!!