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  1. I thought this team would be a better version of last year's team with a legit rebounding Center. That obviously hasn't been the case. I also thought that Howard would be a better pick and roll dunk machine than he has been. Korver isn't playing well but there have always been stretches in the season where he all but dissapears. Millsap missed last nights game but that's going to happen periodically over an 82 game season. The two missing parts year over year are Horford and Teague. I've got an open mind for someone to show me how the stats will support their assertion that Horford is the reason this team sucks now but I'm finding that real hard to believe at this point. Teague was a very solid player for us. Maybe the Hawks FO made a mistake by diluting a position of strength and should have held onto Teague atleast until this year's trade deadline. The end result either way is this team isn't playing very well at all right now. Your thoughts?
  2. Because he doesn't play winning basketball.
  3. Some names of note: 22. Al Horford 25. Paul Milsap 47. Dwight Howard Dwight Howard is averaging 13.0 rebounds per game this season. The prior year ESPN had him ranked #14. I'm trying to figure out why the experts had projected such a precipitous drop in Howard's value. Milsap is probably about where he needs to be at 25. Hordord. Oh Horford. Considering his poor rebounding for the position and his lack of being able to shut down the paint defensively I would say Horford would need to average 22+ ppg to justify the 22 spot in these rankings. I thin at the end of the year it will be closer to Howard's 15.6 I would like to hear if anyone can attempt to justify ESPN's rankings.
  4. Didn't the Hawks win tonight?
  5. Howard is pushing Embiid all over the floor. I love his rebounding and shot blocking. He's the reason I'm watching a Hawks game at 2 o'clock on a Saturday.
  6. No mention of Danny Ferry???? You do know he is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to the Hawks according to the local race baiters right?
  7. Championship!
  8. We just got rid of a big that likes to shag fly balls at the 3 point line why would we add another?
  9. Move on with the living and forget the dead
  10. Howard is a better player at the position. We don't need our Center jacking 3s we need him to rebound proficiently.
  11. Do we have no money? Splitter's number comes to mind. Scott's contract could be traded. The Teague deal is not finalized.
  12. Who?
  13. The Heat are dicking around with him. I believe I saw a post where we could get some more cap room by doing a S&T with HOU. We could also trade Mike Scotts contract. For a $20 million per offer perhaps we could entice Wade to give the Heat the middle finger. Schröder Wade Bazemore Milsap Howard Korver and Thabo would be solid bench players.
  14. Ty Lawson deron willuams Randy foye raymond felton Rajon Rondo isiah cannaan Greavis vazquez