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  1. The honeymoon is OVER for Bud

    He couldn't bench Horford because he's an impending free agent.   and he shouldn't be picking the players anyway Danny Ferry should be.
  2. Resigning Horford and the financial terms associated with it should be associated with future as opposed to prior performance. his next contract should not be a lifetime achievement award. the arc is clearly pointing downward with Horford.  He is passing the prime of his career at this point.  If he were an exceptional top 10 player then obviously you would take that into account.  He isn't.
  3. Could Al Leaving Atlanta Be A Good Thing?

    Supes you forgot that Bonner was a beast at NOT rebounding the ball just like Hordord has turned into. Resorting to attacking posters is pretty childish  if only Horford was as passionate about boxing out and mixing it up inside on the defensive glass as you are about defending his short comings..... that would be awesome!
  4. Could Al Leaving Atlanta Be A Good Thing?

    Horford as he is today would be the 4th or 5th best player on a championship level team. right now he's the second best player (arguably) on the Hawks.   You just can't make that type of investment in the player this offseason.  If Horford is given big money without adding a player of significantly greater talent to play with him this team will continue to be stuck in mediocrity.
  5. Great game terrible ending

    That post was original.  You're clearly on the thought provoking edge of HS here. Now that we have anointed you the official "comment police" plz share with us how he is wrong.
  6. Great game terrible ending

    How do you pass that ball if you're Jeff Teague?  When he passed it to Horford there was 3 seconds on the clock and he was at the 3 point line.  He gave it up to a Center on the run to shoot a 3 on the move when you only needed 2 points.  Shumpert was facing Teague who had been driving to the basket at will all night.  It was a drive for a layup or a likely foul call.     Im pulling my hair out right now.  
  7. BSPN courtesy of Lowe

    If the Hawks max horford they truly do deserve to be perpetually mediocre.
  8. New Nets GM...

    You dropped the ball by not asking him why that Russian hired him over Danny Ferry.
  9. The story of this season is going to be

    The story of this season is that it wiped out what the Hawls were able to "accomplish" last year. instead of building upon last year and having some continuity as a top team in the East the Hawks have again fallen to the way side making last season look like a complete fluke. so here we are again as Hawks fans wash, rinse, and repeat.
  10. Kris Humphries has committed to sign with the Hawks

    Fantastic rebounder during those days 
  11. Kris Humphries has committed to sign with the Hawks

    Is this the same guy that got a big contract with the Nets and was dating a Kardashian?
  12. The Hawks suck

    And it's basically because luol deng has a little African in him.
  13. Welcome Back, Captain Kirk!

    Running Danny Ferry off was a stroke of pure genius 
  14. From Four Allstars to ......

    I wasn't interested in matching toronto's offer for Carroll.  I was just looking forward to seeing what could be made of this squad moving forward. Bud is in over his head with the front office responsibility now.
  15. From Four Allstars to ......

    the Hawks piss me off to no end.  I've watched pieces of 2 or 3 games this year.   I'm about as interested in them as they are interested in putting together a long term winner.   we had something finally going and they decided to blow it up.