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  1. No mention of Danny Ferry???? You do know he is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to the Hawks according to the local race baiters right?
  2. Championship!
  3. We just got rid of a big that likes to shag fly balls at the 3 point line why would we add another?
  4. Move on with the living and forget the dead
  5. Howard is a better player at the position. We don't need our Center jacking 3s we need him to rebound proficiently.
  6. Do we have no money? Splitter's number comes to mind. Scott's contract could be traded. The Teague deal is not finalized.
  7. Who?
  8. The Heat are dicking around with him. I believe I saw a post where we could get some more cap room by doing a S&T with HOU. We could also trade Mike Scotts contract. For a $20 million per offer perhaps we could entice Wade to give the Heat the middle finger. Schröder Wade Bazemore Milsap Howard Korver and Thabo would be solid bench players.
  9. Ty Lawson deron willuams Randy foye raymond felton Rajon Rondo isiah cannaan Greavis vazquez
  10. Horford has been playing like a SG since he second pectoral tear. Atleast Dwight will mix it up in the paint. Horford leaving only stings because he was going to be placed in his best fit as a stretch 4. Anyone who cannot see the need for Howard after being dismantled on the boards by Clevland in the playoffs the last two years is in denial.
  11. You're cute. That's not worth debating.
  12. Bazemore is an average NBA player at best. You keep waiving the "superfan" card on everyone who calls it like it is
  13. I have 3 kids in elementary and middle school and a I own a local business. That's why I don't post here anymore I don't have time. i know who Conley is because he's old like I am. I don't really know who Batum is or chandler parsons is. I don't know who 50 percent of nba players are for that matter especially the young ones. but I DO know Bazemore is a big f***ing waste of money because I watch some Hawks games. bud gets paid to know who they should have paid that money to I know sure as hell it isn't Bazemore. you can do the fantasy basketball draft man I don't have time. Good luck with that
  14. Baze took 2 million before coach Bud made him a multi millionaire Thomas. next man up
  15. I'm 100% behind signing Howard. We haven't had a legit Center since Tree Rollins. And he took a modest contract compared to what Conley and Batum etc got. im OK with Horford going to Boston. If he didn't feel like the Hawks organization coddled him enough then kick rocks. We move on with the living and forget the dead. what I can't get over is that stupid ass contract they gave to Bazemore that limits what we can do now in FA and will keep us from going after bigger fish next year too. that contact was a very poor decision IMO you made him (coach bud) let him walk and sign a guy for 1/3 of the price and make him the next multi millionaire.