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  1. Steve Koonin is a fan of Hawksquawk!

    If you can find some email addresses you can get something done fairly easily.
  2. I'm not disputing what you're saying I believe it is in that 20 page Carroll thread. It said they Hawks weren't willing to go over 4 years 52 million which as I said was overpaying in my eyes. The point is moot however.
  3. Nobody can fault Carroll for taking that contract. Having said that he may be facing a situation where his next contract will make up the difference the other way. I felt like the Hawks offer was overpaying.
  4. Was Billy Knight ahead of his time?

    No Billy Knight was out of his mind.
  5. This is going to be like Josh Smith going to the Pistons.
  6. Ferry interview on NBA tv

    Ferry is far more humble during this interview than he is in real life is what I have been lead to believe. He got fired because the owners didn't like him. Having said that letting Ferry go may be the biggest mistake the Hawks make in my lifetime.
  7. LaMarcus Aldridge to the Spurs

    Spurs used Mills to recruit LA do probably not. On a side note it is sad that Milsap will be making LA kind of money
  8. LaMarcus Aldridge to the Spurs

    This solidifies the Splitter trade and we may wind up with another player if the Spurs need to make the numbers work.
  9. Put J Smoove Back in #5!

    No interest in low bbiq players now that we've gotten rid of Pero
  10. I'm no expert at this but we should have the MLE and LLE if we need to use it
  11. DeMarre Carroll & Paul Millsap MEGA thread

    This team is definately better now than it was a year ago. Now we can sign a lower contract big. In essence Splitter replaced Antić which is an upgrade beyond imagination. We replaced Carroll with THJ which apparently Bud thinks has a skill set he can develop.
  12. DeMarre Carroll & Paul Millsap MEGA thread

    Losing Antić and Carroll and adding THJ and Splitter I think our team is better. We traded one legit NBA player for two.
  13. DeMarre Carroll & Paul Millsap MEGA thread

    I looked on ESPN to see what the story was on Carroll and saw the Raptors are paying his 4 years 60 million and I can't lie I laughed.
  14. Tiago Splitter traded to hawks

    All things being equal big player > smaller player We needed some bigs and this guy is better than anything we ran out there last year. Playing Horford and this guy together will make the Hawks look like a professional basketball team for the first time in several years.