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Hawks have offered Smith to the Wolves for the #2 to draft Kanter

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The Atlanta Hawks have offered forward Josh Smith to the Minnesota Timberwolves in a prospective trade for the No. 2 pick in Thursday's 2011 NBA Draft, reports Yahoo!'s Adreian Wojnarowski. With that No. 2 pick, the Hawks are reportedly interested in Turkish big man Enes Kanter.

Atlanta has made Smith available in recent weeks, according to reports, with rumored discussions with the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics drawing sunlight. The Hawks have huge salary obligations, and Smith is considered move tradable than Joe Johnson and less vital than Al Horford, both of whom are owed more salary than Smith.

Smith wouldn't seem to be a great fit in Minnesota, though the Wolves desperately need defense and Smith remains one of the league's very best shotblockers despite a height of just 6'9. The problem with Smith is exactly the problem with Derrick Williams, many pundits' choice as the second-best player in the draft: he plays the same position as Kevin Love. Smith could slot at small forward, where the Wolves have Michael Beasley, but that might not be the optimal spot for him.

The Hawks do not currently have a first-round pick.

For more on the Hawks, visit Peachtree Hoops and SB Nation Atlanta.

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I don't know enough about the Kanter kid to say, but geez, could we try the Zaza/Horf/Smith Lineup instead?

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NEW YORK – In a lust to draft center Enes Kanter, the Atlanta Hawks are trying to engage the Minnesota Timberwolves in discussions to trade Josh Smith(notes) for the No. 2 pick in Thursday's NBA draft, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

So far, the Wolves haven't been forthcoming on a potential deal, but sources say Atlanta was still trying to discuss a deal in the hours leading up to the draft.

The Wolves have privately committed to drafting Arizona forward Derrick Williams with the second pick, but the Hawks want to sell Minnesota on Smith as an open-court finisher to play along with rookie point guard Ricky Rubio(notes).

Hawks GM Rick Sund has been hugely interested in Kanter throughout the pre-draft process, sources said, and has clearly been looking to find a deal for Smith. Under the salary cap, the Wolves could absorb the $13 million-plus owed him next season without sending back corresponding contracts.

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2011 Scouting Reports: Enes Kanter

eneskanter_200x300.jpgPlayer: Enes Kanter

Specifics: 6’11 272 pound

Birth date: 19 years old on May 20 (very interested to see real numbers here)

Numbers: hasn’t played

Game Scouted: 2008 Turkey v. Croatia


Enrolled at Kentucky but the NCAA forbid him from playing because of benefits he received while playing in the professional league in Turkey. He was born in Switzerland. The 2010 Nike Hoop Summit was his coming out party when he had 34 points and 13 rebounds. The 34 points broke Dirk Nowitzki’s Hoop Summit Record. First played pro in 2008 as a 16 year old in the Turkish league though played very little.

In the Under 18 European Championships he played against some of the other big names when he was 2 years younger than most of the talent and was the best player. He averaged 24 points, 10 rebounds and shot 74%.

He turned down long term European deals because he wanted to come to the US. Comes from a well off professional family.


The video used for this scouting report is from 2008 so much time has passed, but he has played limited in that time frame.

This is an NBA player. His elite skill is rebounding. He is going to be a big time rebounder in the NBA. My guess is a 10 rebound a night player if he gets time. He moves well for his size. Has a nice bounce to his step. His body is big enough to hold his own and defend. Not a higher flyer shot blocker but agile enough to move from side to side and cover ground.

In interview at Kentucky said he wants to play face up rather than back to the basket and wants to be a forward rather than a center. A little concerned he might be a 5 in a 4’s body.


Kanter is legitimate NBA big man. He will be able to play both the 4 and the 5 in the NBA. Will be an NBA starter.


Overall: Lives at the rim with good hands and nice ability to finish. Post game and drive game are not refined but has the skills for them to become an asset

Post Game: Doesn’t have a go to move or a solid post game. Has the size to become successful down low. Makes a nice target in the post and flashes well to the post to get the ball. He will be a post scorer at some point in his NBA career.

Shooting: Didn’t get a look at any game outside 5 feet. Has great balance and super hands so he should be able to make the 10 to 15 footer.

Rebounding: This is his NBA skill. He uses his body terrifically. He goes out of his area for rebounds. He clears space. He is going to be a big time rebounder in the NBA.

Passing: Will need to work on getting ball out of the post. Commits turnovers when in traffic.

Picks: Plays the pick and roll. Doesn’t use his size well to open up teammates and doesn’t do a very good job of getting open after the pick. Doesn’t open up to the ball handler well.

Understanding: Solid


Overall: Big enough to hold his own and have an impact. Moves well from side to side and is not a fish out of water when he is outside the key. However, he is not an above the rim defender.

Post Defense: Holds ground and forces players to over the top of him which usually means fading back.

On Floor Defense: Strong considering his size and weight. Recovers well. Is not a statue. Moves with the ball handler.

Movement: Very good for his height.

Pick and Roll D: I think he will be able to be a decent NBA pick and roll defender for his size.

Rebounding: Terrific rebounder and will be a rebounder in the NBA.

Shot Blocking: Not an above the rim defender.


Balance: Good balance for his size and age in this old video

Play Hard: This video is when he was 17 years old and he floated through the game for the first part and then clicked in and dominated. Flashes hard to the post, but has some possessions that are pretty ugly where he could leave more out on the floor.

Feet: Good balance

Pressure: N/A

Attitude: Hard to tell.


Best Case Scenario: Al Horford – Carlos Boozer if he gets a post move

Likely Case Scenario:Marc Gasol or Marcin Gortat

Worst Case Scenario: Nazr Mohhamed

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Not surprising. I think Sund desperately wants Kanter.

Lots of stuff floating around, so it will be interesting to see if anything comes of all of it.

I do wonder if a 4-team trade might be in the works: Atl-Port-Orl-SA

SA almost had a deal for Parker to Port, but Port wouldn't take Jefferson. What if, that trade gets worked into the A-P-O trade where Jefferson ends up in Atlanta along with other assets. Haven't really worked this out- just more speculation to add to the fires. Also, i'm not saying Jefferson is a deal maker for me on any of this, but he would be an upgrade over Marvin.

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I like Kanter, he's a true center with both post moves and a nice mid range jumper who plays defense and rebounds. It would definitely give us a true center and allow us to move Al to PF. As with all these young Euro guys though, especially the big guys, it seems you either get a Dirk or Sabonis or Ohkur or that Skittlevilli guy from Denver (yeah I butchered his name, so what), the "Ukraine Train" or a guy whose regressed two straight years like Biendrins.

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I'm not pretending to know anything about Kanter either but I think the quote I read said he's played fewer minutes of competitive basketball than probably any lottery pick ever? That doesn't sound good. No matter how you look at this it makes us a lesser team unless there is something else coming down the line.

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Can't see Minnesota doing that...

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If this is true then it's an enormous risk on our part and I really want the Wolves to give us Wesley Johnson or Beasley along with the pick. I'd be willing to give them a 1st next year or 2013 as well if they'd take Marvin.

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Enes Kanter..... I like him, but i think we should also get wes johnson in that deal.

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