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  2. With the postseason starting next week, Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson may be dealing with a left wrist ailment similar to the one that sidelined him for two weeks in May. View the full article
  3. The Braves couldn't crack Mets starter Noah Syndergaard over six innings, but they did just fine against New York's bullpen, plating seven unanswered runs to claim the series opener at Citi Field. Atlanta rookie starter Touki Toussaint worked around five walks to toss five innings of two-run ball as he auditions for a spot in the Braves' postseason rotation. Ronald Acuna Jr. ripped a go-ahead two-run single in the seventh, and Ozzie Albies capped the comeback with a two-run homer in the eighth. View the full article
  4. I agree with everything in bold. It's not rushing if our players/team are simply better than expected but the worst thing you can do is stifle their growth. It should be organic but just don't be surprised like the topic says if we are way better than expected. The way this team was built as a unit we have potential to do just that. That and again LeBron has given every team on the East hope that the window is open to do big things now or as soon as possible.
  5. Cody Zeller was drafted 4th over notably Giannis "The Greek Freak" who was chosen #15. If you want to get technical and say he was an unknown and no one knew he would grow consider Rudy Gobert was also in that draft at #27. Although Frank's draft was weak he was still choosen over Miles Turner, Devin Booker, Bobby Portis and Larry Nance Jr... If they choose Giannis and Booker to go along with Kemba Walker we'd be talking about Charlotte with a completely different tone. We can't give them discredit for not tanking. They obviously have proven they'd find a way to draft wrong no matter what position in the lottery they get. I'd rather not go thru young bad pick after bad pick to finally get it right like the 76ers. All those picks and their best shooter is their center Joel. They still need capable pieces around the star studs in order to be a formidable team and people are giving them all this credit because they finally made the playoffs. Let's see if this process even has any longevity and most importantly rings which is the whole reason to put your fans to a vigorous process like that in the 1st place.
  6. The hawks by designed will not win many games. I love the optimism but you simply can Rush this. This is only year two. Hawks had season success and some breakthroughs with the same result in the playoffs let this thing grown organically. I’d hate to be Minnesota right now. They will lose any deal for butler yet they can keep him cause of his wish to be elsewhere and his effect on kat and Wiggins who are younger and have been invested in heavily. In honesty they should reach out to Portland to see kick the tires on McCollum. This would be a win for both teams in my opinion. And the wolves can placate the fan base into a Wiggins, McCollum, KAT future while, butler would be a better fit with Portland.
  7. When is the last time the 76ers were in the playoffs and how many lottery picks did it take? Let's not compare the 76ers. Hopefully for their sake they can continue their new found upswing and not have to go through a process all over again. Even thru all they've went thru and did their still only considered the 3rd possible best team on the LeBronless East after a team that didn't tank but tweaked in Toronto and a team that didn't tank but stayed competitve and were crafty with drafting and getting talent in Boston. The 76ers were an embarrassment to the league for awhile for their self proclaimed "Process" and are still questionable as a true contender. An injury to one of their players can put them right back where they started. I'll skip on the comparisons of the 76ers and their "Process". I honestly don't think they'll be as good as they were last year and that's with an improved Fultz and Simmons. I'm very curious to see what their defense looks like now without Coach Pierce on the defensive end. Charlotte??? I'm not going to even respond but besides having a couple of our ex players (not our ex best players at anytime) there again is no comparison.
  8. I wish him the best but I can’t see him flourishing. Billy Donovan ain’t winning no COTY anytime soon.
  9. I’m the biggest Butler proponent on board but he is a hard fit anywhere, let alone here. Lloyd Pierce doesn’t want those problems. I think he wants to be a full-time 2 guard between a Point and SF who are both plus defenders (Teague indifferent, Wiggins inconsistent) along with having more boisterous personalities in the locker room so he isn’t looked at as the sole leader (KAT seems pretty nice and mild-mannered). He’s looking for a Celtics-type situation but they’re set at the wing last I checked. The diva-esque behavior is definately in poor taste but I swear by his game and agree with his fear of wasting years off his career knowing he grinds harder than most players.
  10. Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson exited Tuesday night's game against the Mets with a sore left hand. View the full article
  11. Yesterday
  12. EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) -- Although the Lakers' first official practice of the LeBron James era was focused on defense and learning new terminology, they ended it with a good old-fashioned 3-point shooting contest. View the full article
  13. Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward says he plans to play in Friday's preseason game, per NBC Sports Boston's Abby Chin. View the full article
  14. I thought that was a photoshop job. But noooo....dem real. Wow.
  15. As A.J. Minter has dealt with the lingering effects of the lower back discomfort he developed in early August, the Braves have fortunately seen Arodys Vizcaino position himself as a potential closer for the rest of the season. View the full article
  16. Sean Newcomb will attempt to strengthen his bid for a postseason rotation spot when he faces the Mets on Wednesday night at Citi Field at 7:10 p.m. ET. The southpaw has a 7.44 ERA over his past seven starts, and the Braves skipped him during last weekend's series against the Phillies. But if there is a desire to use a left-handed starter during the National League Division Series, he'd get the nod. New York will counter with NL Cy Young Award favorite Jacob deGrom, who has gone winless while limiting the Braves to just four runs over 33 innings (five starts) this year. View the full article
  17. It just occurred to me after looking at media day photos that Dwight got a shit ton of tats. Don't know, I feel a ways about guys getting their first tats in their 30s. Maybe he's going for the full Hollywood Hogan rebrand?
  18. he makes sense for a team that is playoff bound or trying to make the playoffs (like Minny was last year). He could be that guy that can help put a team over the top or take them to the next level. Going to a developing team wastes his prime years which he is in right now.
  19. I don't follow this. A bunch of us have predicted the team will be designed to lose games and get another high pick this season. KB is predicting that we won't make the playoffs until 2023 or later. Our coach and GM wanting us to get a high pick in the 2018-19 season doesn't mean we can't make the playoffs by 2023.
  20. Seems like a real mismatch on timeline and he has bailed on two teams where he was asked to mentor young players. Seems like a huge red flag risk to give up good assets and hope he doesn't do it a third time. If I were the GM, he would have to sell me on wanting to be here and being ready to embrace his teammates.
  21. Wait what? If we don't resign him then we don't have to pay Prince? Dude! We don't have to resign Prince regardless of whether we trade him for Butler. We also can trade him for someone else. Terrible argument! We have a ton of cap space with Prince next summer so you could offer him the max next summer without trading anyone. So in your world, we trade for Butler and give Prince away and if he doesn't resign, we continue rebuilding even though Price was part of the building process? I need a drink trying to follow your logic.
  22. He had a great team around him in Denver and followed his ego into New York by forcing a trade out of there. And what did he win in Denver? Jack and $*** and jack left town. And that was more than he won in New York. And when he joined the league MVP and Paul George in OKC? He was actually an impediment to winning because he wanted to his shots and wouldn't just try to fit in as the third option despite being clearly the 3rd best player. (FWIW - I don't disagree that New York had serious management problems under Phil Jackson but Melo has never been about team, has never been about defense, and has never won much of anything for that reason. In contrast, his play in the Olympics actually contributed to team success because he put his ego aside and focused on things other than shooting constantly.) We missed nothing by not selling our team out to trade for Melo. He has led his teams to nothing but misery over the last 5 years.
  23. I agree about the talent that Butler brings ... I think he is one of the top two way players in the league at the same time he makes 0 sense for this team and the assets it will cost to get him ... he will walk next year (Minny could offer him the max as well but he doesn't want to be there) and we will have lost a quality player(s) and draft pick(s). We are currently in the start over phase ... its when you develop guys ... he is in the compete phase of his career ... where he will want to play on a team that is going to try to compete. Coming here makes no sense for us and coming here makes no sense for him.
  24. He's gonna be more impressive than most of us think. He's got a chip on his shoulder now. It'll all come together.
  25. If he didn't re-sign You get rid of Baze's contract 1 year early If Prince turns out to be a little better than he is right now, but not a borderline All-Star, you avoid paying him 70 - 100 million. You've ( hopefully ) protected Trae for at least a year, from trying to do it all, and You have a ton of cap space You continue the rebuilding process If he did re-sign Acquiring Butler would possibly give you a better shot at getting another big time free agent, given this climate of All-NBA level players wanting to team up with each other. The 2nd big name free agent will also allow Trae to grow even more, without all of the burden to perform at a high level.
  26. My rebuttal to that: I would just post the link, but copying and pasting the main contents of the link will be more dramatic. Heck, I'll do both. https://www.sbnation.com/2017/6/28/15886082/phil-jackson-fired-trades-picks-transactions-knicks-president 2014-15 Signings: Shannon Brown (waived), Lamar Odom (waived), Jason Smith, Ricky Ledo (waived), Langston Galloway Trades Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton to Dallas for Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, Wayne Ellington, Shane Larkin, and two second-round picks (Cleanthony Early and Thanasis Antetokounmpo) Wayne Ellington and Jeremy Tyler to Sacramento for Quincy Acy and Travis Outlaw Travis Outlaw, 2019 second-round pick and swap rights on 2018 second-rounder to Philadelphia for Arnett Moultrie Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith to Cleveland for Lance Thomas (via OKC), Lou Amundson, Alex Kirk and Cavs’ 2019 second-round pick Pablo Prigioni to Houston for Alexey Shved, 2017 second-round pick (Ognjen Jaramaz) and 2019 second-round pick Drafted: Cleanthony Early (No. 34) and Thanasis Antetokounmpo (No. 51) 2015-16 Signings: Derrick Williams (two years, $10 million), Arron Afflalo (two years, $16 million), Robin Lopez (four years, $54 million), Kevin Seraphin, Tony Wroten (never played), Jimmer Fredette (10-day contract) Trades Tim Hardaway Jr. to Atlanta for No. 19 pick in 2015 (Jerian Grant) 2020 and 2021 second-round picks to Philadelphia for Willy Hernangomez Swap rights on 2019 second-round pick to Orlando for Kyle O’Quinn Drafted: Kristaps Porzingis (No. 4) 2016-17 Signings: Joakim Noah (four years, $72 million), Courtney Lee (four years, $48 million), Lance Thomas (four years, $27 million), Brandon Jennings (one year, $5 million — waived midseason), Sasha Vujacic, Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Marshall Plumlee, Maurice Ndour, Ron Baker, Chasson Randle (midseason) Trade: Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant, and Robin Lopez to Chicago for Derrick Rose and Justin Holiday 2017-18 Drafted: Frank Ntilikina No. 8 in 2017, Damyean Dotson, No. 44 and Ognjen Jaramaz No. 58 FYI: 2013 - 2014 . . . Carmelo arguably had one of his best and most efficient years of his career. 27.4 ppg 8.1 rebs 3.1 asst 1.2 stls 45% FG 40% 3FG 85% FT 24.4 PER 56% TS .172 WS/48 3.6 BPM 4.2 VORP 2nd best player on that team? Either JR Smith or Andrea Bargnani Matter of fact, until Porzingis arrived, Bargnani was probably the best player he played with in NY in the years you listed. Of course, the narrative is that: (a) Carmelo was a ball hog (b) Carmelo didn't make people better Could it be that an inept front office didn't construct the right team around their superstar? And in the season that they DID make the playoffs, they ended up firing the coach after 1 mediocre year ( when the above guy took over )? Same year ( 2013 ), different season. The moral of the story? If we even get a chance to be in the mix of acquiring a high level, but malcontent/unappreciated/unwanted player, we should definitely explore it, and submit an offer for that player.
  27. Even if Minnesota would do that trade, you are giving Prince plus a 1st round pick away for nothing in return. We probably still don't make the playoffs even if he agrees to play this year for the Hawks so what did you accomplish?
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