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  2. Your stat - even if true (which I doubt) - doesn't prove the conclusion. How many teams in the last 30 years have won a title without a Top 10 pick? The answer is less than 1. ZERO. Even Detroit had a top 10 pick on its roster. And most of the champs have multiple top 10 picks. Now you claim drafting in the lottery is not a recipe for success, but no team, not one, in the last 30 years has won without having top 10 players on their roster. So you want Atlanta to have Top 10 players but not draft them? Is that it? And how do they attract such players? Because LeBron, KD, Curry, ADavis, etc... ain't walking through that door in ATL.
  3. Tone deaf and proud of it.
  4. Nope! I call cashiers sweetie and darling and I don't get offended when they do and yes the title was for effect only.
  5. As far as Kyrie goes....That research was done just prior to Kyrie winning it all in, so yah..Kyrie.
  6. He left then came back...not what we're talking about here. Go back and read my previous comment. Only about 1/5 of all top 10 picks ever win titles....anywhere!
  7. "Chick" broadcasters? Really? I really hope you are more tactful and less tone deaf when referencing females in your personal interactions.
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  9. That's questionable and debatable. Clearly one of the most impactful from all of the games I've watched. All of the top guys have had great impact at times. Ayton Bagley JJJ Young Bamba Sexton Carter Jr. Knox And Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Doncic didn't play and Bridges didn't play great but PHX SL played with no structure. He will be better in the RS.
  10. From SL, he looks like a mix of a young Marvin and Ibaka with better shooting from range. He will play well and was an excellent pick by Memphis considering their scheme, system and personnel grouping.
  11. He is going to be a good player and he will play a key role this year for Memphis. He will never win ROY and he will likely never be an all star. I think his success will regress once Gasol and Conley regress but his impact will show early on. I think Memphis is an excellent short term fit for him. But I question the long term fit. They will have to build around him and add others. Everyone is counting them out but I wouldn't be surprised if they make the playoffs. They play the right way and Conley and Gasol are top 30 players.
  12. My bad I had Dennis fight mixed up with another fight.
  13. Lin thread - down the same tank rabbit hole. Good grief.
  14. The goal is to win a championship. Period To win a championship in the modern NBA you need superstar players. If you can’t attract superstar talent via FAgency, then you have to draft it. The best prospects with superstar potential go early in the draft. Every once and while a great player slips but towards the top is the best collection of potential superstars. In order to be in position to draft early you have to have a poor record or trade all your assests away to a team to move up to their spot. If you don’t have a superstar player on your roster to begin with then usually you don’t have the chips needed to move up to the top of the lottery via trade. So you likely just need a poor record. Hence tank/rebuild because the point of it all is to win a championship and not just be a competitive bunch with no real chance of winning anything big. To do it right you have to start from the bottom up. Draft picks take time to develop. While they develop you find out the holes in their game that you need to build around. If you draft right, there are less holes and shorter development windows. Philly showed what patience can yield. Golden state showed what drafting superstars could do for you. That’s the goal of this Front Office trust and believe.
  15. Ludlow did a terrible job during our game but she is hot and goes to my church so it’s okay.
  16. Hmmm.....I guess we are just ignoring Kyrie, LeBron, Hakeem, Magic, and Worthy?
  17. The logical fallacy of that being we’ll be in the lottery until our 19 year olds reach their peak. We’ll be back in the playoffs long before they do, possibly even ‘19-‘20, 3rd year of the rebuild as Schlenk alluded and I’ve predicted.
  18. Did LeBron not win a title with Cleveland? But it isn't about No. 1 overall picks. The Hawks didn't get a No. 1 pick this year and nothing they've said publicly leads me to believe that is their agenda. The whole "trying to lose" argument is one contrived on this board and others like it. It isn't reality. Or at least hasn't been yet. If they start trading away Prince, Collins, Trae, etc... in an effort to just get the No. 1 pick each year, then you're argument would be valid. But so far, all they've done is torn down the previous version of the team, collect assets, and draft the potential "core" of the future team. A core of Trae, Huerter, Prince, Collins, and Spellman sounds fine to me at this point. Will it pan out? I don't know but I'm willing to let it play out to see. Now they have to let those guys grow up and get better - while trying to win as many games as possible - and then add more talent next year. By year 3, they could be at a point where the team will be ready to add complimentary vets to the talented young core in order to facilitate a PO run. That's how you build it, imo. That's the smart way to do it. Yes, you use the assets you accumulate to facilitate trades and attract free agents to supplement the drafted talent. But you can't ignore the drafted talent. They still had to get a Trae or Luka or JJJ or whomever they chose with the 3 pick. And I agree they have to be smart with Cap space and not sign bad contracts.
  19. The 6:40 mark is a good example as to why Young will be better with more skilled teammates. Young isn't the most quick or athletic guy and so he will not be able to beat this attention coming out to him so easy like a Westbrook can do... Who can blow buy and power through multiple defenders. Young will have to rely on skilled shooters to help keep defenses honest enough so that he can get to the basket or get his shot off. He has the passing skills to make this work, but mindset is the obvious thing... If he tries to be like Westbrook he will go bust.
  20. In the last 30 years, only 2 number 1 overall picks have won a title with the team who drafted them David Robinson Tim Duncan That's it.
  21. It is when you tank....its a mindset. Losing on purpose is never a good thing. 90% of it is cap management...some of it is luck. The "beginning" isn't what matters. Its taking advantage of the cap opportunities when they appear. Timing and scouting, savvy deals. Hoping for the magic draft pick is a terrible strategy. Since 1948, there have been 700 NBA top 10 draft picks. 156 have won an NBA championship.
  22. You have to do both. The Hawks didn't have anything to trade away prior to the rebuild. They have to draft the talent first and that means being in the lottery to do so. But KB claims that the lottery is some magnetic field that won't let you out once you dip your toe in it and that doesn't have to be the case.
  23. The east will be complete trash this year. Any team that wins 35 games will likely be competing for the 7th and 8th PO spots til the end of the year imo. Also, unless the GM trades away the young talent on the roster, I don't see how they don't get better each year as prince, Collins, Trae, Huerter, and Spellman all get better. The idea now is to shed to middling players over time and replace them with more young talent and then add vets as they go along. People forget what Schlenk said when he took the job. This doesn't have to be an extended rebuild and it certainly doesn't have to be "worst team in the league rebuild. He's going for the GS model not the Philly model. GS never drafted higher than 5th if I'm not mistaken and only did that once.
  24. Alrighty...I'll play....the 9 straight losing seasons was due to what then? The 10 year playoff streak was due to "what"? Does Miami make the finals without Lebron and Bosh? Did Miami not trade away the farm to clear space to sign Lebron and Bosh? The 2009–10 Miami Heat season was the 22nd season of the Miami Heat in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Heat made the playoffs for the second straight year under Spoelstra. They failed to make it out of the first round once again as they were overpowered by a Boston Celtics squad that featured Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in five games. Boston eventually lost in seven games to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. Following the season, the Heat would bring in LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join team captain Dwyane Wade. " June 23, 2010 To Oklahoma City Thunder---- Daequan Cook No. 18 Pick (Eric Bledsoe) To Miami Heat---- No. 32nd Pick (Dexter Pittman) June 24, 2010 To Oklahoma City Thunder---- No. 48 Pick (Latavious Williams) To Miami Heat---- Future Second-Round Pick Cash Considerations July 9, 2010 To Cleveland Cavaliers---- 2013 First-Round Pick 2015 First-Round Pick 2012 Second-Round Pick (Jae Crowder) Future Second-Round Pick Trade Exception To Miami Heat---- LeBron James (sign and trade) July 9, 2010 To Toronto Raptors---- Two 2011 First-Round Picks Trade Exception To Miami Heat---- Chris Bosh (sign and trade) July 12, 2010 To Minnesota Timberwolves---- Michael Beasley To Miami Heat---- 2011 Second-Round Pick 2014 Second-Round Pick Cash Considerations Was or was not the Golden State rebuild 6 years before they made the playoffs? Was or was not the rise of Golden State due to them finally trading away assets for Iggy, Brooks, Crawford, Murphy, Blake...all of which were turned into cap space to sign others in the following years? In every case, its management of the cap, trading the future to capitalize on free agent or expiring contract stars that leads to the championship. You build a base of young stars but then mortgage the hell out of the future for 2+ stars to pair with them. See GS signing Durant, Pachulia, Rush, Barbosa, Livingston etc. All this nonsense of growing your own is just nonsense. They were crap until they started trading/signing their way up the West. Trades[edit] June 27, 2013 To Golden State Warriors Draft rights to 30th pick Nemanja Nedović[1][2] To Phoenix Suns Draft rights to 29th pick Archie Goodwin Malcolm Lee July 10, 2013 To Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala[3] (from Denver) (sign and trade) Kevin Murphy (from Utah) To Utah Jazz Andris Biedriņš (from Golden State) Richard Jefferson (from Golden State) Brandon Rush (from Golden State) 2014 & 2017 first-round draft picks (from Golden State) 2016 & 2017 second-round draft picks (from Golden State) 2018 second-round draft pick (from Denver) Cash considerations (from Golden State) To Denver Nuggets Randy Foye (from Utah) (sign and trade) 2018 second-round draft pick (from Golden State) January 15, 2014 To Golden State Warriors Jordan Crawford[4] (from Boston) MarShon Brooks (from Boston) To Boston Celtics Joel Anthony (from Miami) 2016 second-round pick (from Miami) Conditional first-round pick (from Philadelphia via Golden State) To Miami Heat Toney Douglas (from Golden State) February 19, 2014 To Golden State Warriors Steve Blake[5] To Los Angeles Lakers MarShon Brooks Kent Bazemore
  25. No, it really doesn’t. The guys research just is what it is. 43 wins is all it took to make the playoffs last year. That number likely decreases to about 38-40. This team won 24 games last year. With natural progression of a young team, 30 wins could realistically be accomplished this year. Long story short, we won’t be in the lottery too much longer unless we continually bottom out the roster year in, year out. This team could make the playoffs 2019-2020. That isn’t outside the realm of possibility.
  26. Oh come on. How many teams are trading away young up and coming players for Paul Millsap ? Dwight Howard ? That spiel sounded good, but that just isn’t how the NBA works. There hasn’t been a team in nearly 15 years or so that won a ring that hasn’t drafted their best (or at least 2nd best player) in the lottery. We’ve been down this road ad nauseum. One way or the other, we weren’t going to be good. At least now we have options even if they don’t work out. Locking up Millsap would’ve hamstrung us and we MAY have slid into the playoffs just to get bounced. We’ve had this discussion around here a million times now. The road we are on was practically inevitable. I don’t even think we are tanking in the Philly sense of the word. The Hawks are truly in position to build something special.
  27. Basically, this guy's research states our 19 year olds will reach their potential at some point between 24 and 27 years of age which lends credence to KB21's "5 years in the lottery" rants.
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