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  2. That’s the name they gave him at Maryland
  3. But he’s a freak.
  4. C Headline: This Draft will be defined by Young vs Doncic. This grade is not all about that. #3 - We introduces a ton of risk and failed to optimize the trade. Young has to be better than everyone in this draft other than Bagley, Ayton and JJJ. Had he slipped as projected like Porter the expectations wouldn’t be that high. I’m not rehashing my concerns about Young here. He has talent and upside and needs to reach that upside while orienting his game to orchestrate a team offense. The potential is ther and I hope he gets it. I assume from this that Schlenk is a Young truther and we were taking him regardless but he could and should have gotten the pick unprotected for Doncic imo. The new draft odds make this riskier that Dallas will keep it for a few years. #19 Like this pick for value. I’ve got questions about the defense pairing Huerter with Young but my only real reservation was about Schlenk being desperate to recreate the Warriors blueprint to a T when what they did was take shooting, defense and talent and then build he system around those guys rather than drafting for those exact qualities up front. It doesn’t fill me with confidence if we are looking at a roster with precut shapes and trying to jam our picks into them. Maximize talent and fit at a general level and customize your schemes around that. #30 - Same as 19. Value seems fine here. Obviously, this is not a real freshman and he shouldn’t be judged that way and the kid was over 300 pounds for his true freshman year but he showed a nice mix of skills that fit the modern nba and did work to drop the weight. If he keeps working, this could be very nice at this spot. The GS blueprint issue is my main concern here. #34 Felt like there were longterm career options here so this is actually a significant gamble. Picks 31-35 are equal value to their late first round counterparts given the proximity in pick and the lower financial risk of a second round pick. Since we have an equal number of future picks likely coming this isn’t about avoiding too many rookies at one time. I’d much rather have 34 than 45 and 47. I will say this is muuuuch better than the initially reported cash. Bootomline: So the biggest thing for me is you had a bird in the hand imo and you went for two in the bush. That gives you upside to do even better if Young is better than Doncic and we get another stud with a future Dallas pick. Hope that happens. We didn’t max trade value even if it happens so this draft will never be an A+ for me but it still has the potential to turn out very well. It also has a lot more downside risk now. This we land at a C and I’ll be cheering for our new Hawks to make this draft look like the stuff of legend in a few years. (Sidenote: I do find it amusing that someone posted a thread calling the draft “Phenomenal” and then gave it a B here.)
  5. I like that! Our summer league team should be fun to watch.
  6. His name sounds like HURTER. no nickname necessary.
  7. Ultimately I am agnostic about Young and if Sacramento had taken Doncic I would be far more positive about what happened in respect to trading down. It should be pretty entertaining to watch Trae and his shooting percentage should go up owing to his usage being expected to be way down. Regardless, he had one of the best freshmen seasons ever and to do that at PG is astonishing. Moreover, at the end of the day we took on no onerous contracts last night and still added another first for 2019. Dennis has moved way past being a known unknown and by most statistical analysis is pretty much a league average PG. That said, the talent is there and he is still only 24. Moreover, at the end of the day we took on no onerous contracts last night and still added another first for 2019. More than anything, I just hope we do not take on an albatross of a contract to get rid of him. Doubly so for Kent.
  8. What do I think? Shiiiii, I think we shoulda took Okogie. Boom.
  9. Dennis doesn’t even want to be here. F* Dennis. We’re moving on from that era. Love it or leave it. I’m ready to roll with Trae.
  10. Haha, Freudian slip?
  11. Let's see what Trae Young can do. If Schlener is wrong on Trae, the rebuild is set back indeed. Dennis will go elsewhere. Trae has a ton of talent so let's what happens.
  12. Today
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  14. Let's stick to basketball. On the basketball court Dennis has as much heart as anyone. Tell me Dennis didn't compete the last time they went to the playoffs. I'm not making a social statement. If the team had more players with heart they wouldn't be so soft. Dennis wants to win period. He was surrounded by bums who couldn't win 30 games. Give him better players you get a different Dennis. The man wants to compete. What competitor wants to wait years to compete after being apart of playoff teams. It's easy to pile on but go back and watch him go up against Wall and Beal and tell me he can't play. Also what players was he suppose to elevate that team was trash. No wonder Bud left. Content should be based on quality not quantity. I have no need or desire to post 4000 times on any site. I would be ashamed to say so. I will never judge a ballplayer just by stats. That's like over valuing triple doubles on a bad team. Leading scorers in college have never been a guarantee for success in the NBA. I'm fine with Huerter at 19 but I feel we could have done better at 1 and 30 whether you like Dennis or not. At this point young hasn't scored a point,no less than average 19 and 6. When will teams stop being copycats and be creative. Teams scored as much or more before the proliferation of the three point shot. Quit chasing the Warriors. They caught lightning in a bottle with all their shooters. Trying to copy them is a waste of time. Give me two bigs and three shooters or good wings and I'll go up against small ball every day of the week.
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  16. That stat conveniently omits Giannis though, who was picked at 15.
  17. Travis took Trae and passed on Luka for one reason and one reason only...shooting. Not that Doncic cant shoot, but he got in a shooting slump and ended up shooting in the low 30's from three.
  18. I think it's clear what Travis values. Shooting, shooting, and more shooting.
  19. JTB while we are in 100% agreement about having a number 1 alpha and it being the hardest piece to find for a championship team, the Warriors aren't being beat without defense. Unfortunately, for us they are tops in offense and D. The Celtics and Sixers will be high in both too. I think if you keep the players we have there are a lot of good mix and match opportunities with the draft picks Baze, Bembry and Schröder. I like the ideas of rookie having to earn time, and it's one of the things loved most about Bud. I like the idea of being able to pull Schröder when he's not playing D and put in Trae and vise versa. Trae cannot give defensive effort like he gave in college, or he shouldn't see the floor. The competition for playing time just got real, and the cream will rise to the top. Nothing should be given, and I hope these guy's came ready to compete. If I know Dennis like I know him, then I expect his best year as a pro because he's competitive as hell.
  20. This post is all over the place. First you complain that the pick shouldn't be protected and then lament that Cuban will have Dallas in the playoffs next year which makes your first complaint irrelevant. Then you top it off by saying Tyler Dorsey could have been Trae Young? Holy hell. None of us know how all this will turn out so it seems pretty logical to me to give it some time to breathe. I personally had rather have Luka but more than anything I want the GM to trust his own analysis and his scouts and go with who he believes in. If it doesn't work, it's all on him. But it does no one any good for him to believe in Trae but draft the "popluar" choice in Luka.
  21. “I don’t really think there’s necessarily a way to improve defensively by going one on zero,” Young said according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “I think just working on body, continuing to work on my speed, just showing from Day 1 that I am going to change the narrative. That’s my goal and my job, to change the narrative on that.” I like the attitude. I think the tools are in place (Emory, young coach, GS model) to maximize his body. Put on 10 pounds of muscle last year so the seeds are there. There’s no denying his skill as a dribbler, shooter, and passer. His midrange game will be key, floater looks nice. He’ll struggle to get to the rim early but that’s why you have an above the rim threat with good hands like Collins. He’s supposedly great passing off the dribble with both hands so I’ll be looking at how well he hits Prince and Hueter when they spot up. I’ll also be focused on how well/ quickly he outlets, hockey assists, and set-up passes in SL. I was cold on his obvious defensive issues but the more I read and see I’m warming up.
  22. A+ draft and bonus points for Schlenk’s creativity. Getting the undersized kid from Davidson will look like the steal of the draft in a few years. Curry will probably go on to win us 3 championships and multiple MVPs. Klay Thompson, who we picked at 19, could also be an all star in a few years. Curry and Thompson will no doubt be the best backcourt in the NBA…watch. I don’t know much about this Draymond Green guy we picked at 30, but I could see his toughness and grit rattling opposing teams. He also has the ability to be defensive player of the year. Maybe Schlenk, the Master Negotiator, will be able to convince Lebron to come and play for us too? And props to Schlenk for not being aggressive and moving around with 4 picks (and cap space) in the first 33. Volume is WAY better than trying to move around for the best talent. Two 2nd round picks in the upcoming drafts are also way more valuable than a silly 33rd pick in this year’s deep deep draft. I for one CAN NOT WAIT to see what he does with his 3 first round picks next year. We will probably draft KD, Westbrook and James Harden all in one night and be a combination of GS and OKC East.
  23. If they get a big, Dallas will have one of the top 10 worse records. Lets hope they get pick #6 lol
  24. Dennis is not capable of leading this team and is a selfish player. He has had conflicts with players and coaches. He doesn’t elevate his teammates. He’s not a great passer. He gets in the lane and that’s about it.
  25. So from a national TV perspective, the addition of Trae Young has the potential to have us on TNT/ESPN at least 3 times next season. If he balls out in Summer League, that may increase to 5 - 7 times.
  26. Excellent post.
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