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  2. Yes, next year ✅
  3. As was I on his defense. He definitely gives effort. Once his core strength gets up, he will be even better because the effort is there.
  4. You want to make another bet?
  5. Agree 1000% with EVERYTHING you just said. I'm a converted believer. Was thinking he was all hype. He doesn't just rely on dunking though. His quickness and slashing and finishing around the rim without dunking is legitimate.
  6. He just turned 18 a few months ago. I grew 2” from when I graduated HS at 17 to when I turned 20. Since we’re discussing maybes, what if Zion grows 2 more inches at his age like I did. Wow...
  7. But he did even more damage against Kentucky who was ranked higher at the time, I think. The 2 subsequent blowouts allowed more time for bench players.
  8. I know that you are a doctor but I didn't stay at the Holiday Inn last night so those words are throwing me off a bit. Hit me with those words after this week. Maybe they are close and maybe they aren't. At worst though he could be a more athletic Draymond.
  9. This is not true at all. Zion is quick as a guard and heavier than most centers. He also plays much more physical than anyone in college and 75% of the NBA. The reason why Zion shoots such a high percentage isn't because of the dunks. It's because he has uncanny body control when going to the basket. If Zion could shoot, he literally would have a chance to be the best offensive PF in the NBA in 2 years. I was saying at first that Zion's floor was Julius Randle. Now, I think his floor may be Blake Griffin.
  10. When he's doing that against a De'Andre Hunter and not Sister McWeakly from East Central Michigan Tech, then I'll buy into it. Not necessarily.
  11. I like Reddish as well. I think he takes a back seat to Zion and Barrett willingly and unselfishly as Bosh did in Miami and Klay does in GS. But I will definitely prefer Zion but Reddish is not a back seat consolation prize, neither is Barrett but Barrett seems to be a Melo type of player....selfish, all about me.
  12. And if they haven’t, he is.
  13. It depends upon if his epiphyseal plates are still open. If they have ossified, then he's not getting any taller.
  14. Center's game? My dude...his playmaking is nice and slash skills are Westbrook like. He gets to the paint by ball handling without muscling his way in. He is a strong finisher without dunking through the art of layups. Believe me, I'm not a stan. First year in many that I've actually checked for a college game but he is legit. Which games habe you watched. I watched all 3 games; Kentucky, Army, and E Michigan. Total domination without just muscling and dunking. He's a slasher and a finisher around the rim. Actually REALLY quick and agile for his size.
  15. Young, 💫 , Prince, Zion, Collins = 2020 Playoffs ✅
  16. Where did you get your stats from? His high school had him at 6'6 272. The draft express had him at 6'5.5 barefoot while still at Spartanburg, SC. He's young so it is possible he has grown an inch and half. Thats a lot of mass for his frame. 247 Sports has him at 6'7, cbs and so on and so on.
  17. Play him at PF and slide Collins over to C
  18. 6’7, 285lbs, 40” vertical: https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/zion-williamsons-official-height-and-weight-measurements-at-duke-are-hard-to-believe/
  19. Zions measured 6’5.5” without shoes so he’s closer to 6’7” with shoes.
  20. Yeah. They are giving him 2 inches that he doesn't have. He's 6'5", and that's part of the conundrum with him. He's 6'5" with a center's game at this point.
  21. The broadcast said he was 6'7
  22. He's 6'5", not 6'7".
  23. Today
  24. ^^^THIS Not into college ball at all anymore for the past at least 15 years. But I figured I'd watch him to see what the hoopla was about. I remeber hearing about Jabari Parker and now Shaq and LBJ sons. But yeah...he's legit. 6'7 285 with the quickness and ball handling and passing...he is going to get even better. The other night, in a postgame interview, he stated that he wants to show everyone that he is not just a dunker and athlete but a scorer and playmaker as well. And he is decent with his handles and passing. He specifically stated that Coach K told him that he is going to have a jumper. So yeah, he's not just relying on his sheer athleticism, he WANTS to become even more skilled on top of the attributes that you can't coach. His 'so-called' flaws are definitely coachable and he appears to be as well.
  25. Absolutely. If you’re picking top 3 you take whoever’s left of Barrett, Zion, or Reddish. If you’re picking #1, you take whoever showed out most this season and has the highest ceiling. If that fits a need, even better.
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