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    I think everyone (both sides) are missing the all important stat....12 free throw attempts. When I was originally hammering for Trae on the draft thread, I mentioned 2 things....his court vision is off the charts and his body control going to the basket puts players on his hip and he draws fouls. Most importantly, the type of fouls he draws are body bumps, not crash to the floor, wrist hammering, career ending fouls. He just gets people out of position and makes the possession matter. With other "shoot first PGs", they go so hard to the basket, the plays are super dangerous, ankle busting, flying into the camera man plays. The either miss or make the shot and a 4 for 12 shooting night = 9 points. But Trae drew 6 shooting fouls. 21 points on 12 shots, 17 possessions. No wasted possessions. This foul drawing cannot be understated. Getting to the line is the epitome of game control. It is how you control everything on the floor. Every time you draw a foul and shoot at the line, you are stopping play and stopping potential transition. This is my biggest problem with the long 3's (and 3's in general). 3's miss 65% of the time. That is 65 chances out of a 100 for long rebounds and transition offense for the other team. But getting to the line is the great equalizer. Its points, where points were lost and its a transition stop without ever having to run the floor. Give him time and the whole team will eventually adjust. Trae's style of play doesn't just mean more foul shots for him, it means more foul shots for everyone. If Collins hits his 4 missed FT's yesterday, that was a win.
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    It’s official, I’ve just read the most ridiculous shit ever posted in HS history
  5. 12 likes
    He said the same thing about being aggressive at the trade deadline. Love me some StevieK but he's a salesman and a very good one at that.
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    My sentiment captured in 7 words. And btw, you wouldn't have posted this if the SL team had WON two games by 20 pts, and the draft picks were tearing it up... this thread is completely motivated by the premise that you feel some satisfaction that you were right and the results after two SL games prove it. And you can save your breath trying to convince me because EVERY ONE of these attempts to use tanking to bounce back up to contender status is unique in some important and multiple ways. Any social scientist worth his/her salt will tell you, the variables are too numerous and too substantial. And sometimes you need most of them to skew positive, and others, you end up merely needing one or two to land in your favor because the players acquired in the process end up being that good. In our case, I'll wait to see. I think that's only reasonable. Schlenk to this point has had one semi-important bonehead move, which was the Crawford release... he let his want to be seen as a good guy overcome his professional responsibility to do everything in his power to give his team every advantage. Everything else seems to me so far to support his reputation as a good talent evaluator. And he didn't do anything amazing, but his FA signings last off-season were prudent.
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    I don't think 99.9% of Hawks fans have any idea who those two guys are.
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    Taking away the Portland game that he left after 9 minutes due to injury; in his last three full games of action Trae has averaged: 23 PPG, 8 APG, 1.7SPG, 40% FG 41% 3ptFG 86% FT and 4 TVO in just 31MPG. Despite his low overall FG%, he is averaging his 23 points on just 15 shots due his high number of three pointers and free throws. This is stellar. For reference Schröder last year averaged 19 points on 17 shots. Per 36 minutes Trae has been putting up 26.6 PPG and 9.4 APG in his last three games. So yea. Not saying he is the second coming, but these are the numbers you hope your top 5 pick puts up in summer league play.
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    Hate to admit it but hes staying until an offer blows them away. Are you trying to trade him because you don't like him or are you trading him for value. From what ive read its the former. There is no way in hell I'm trading Dennis for anything less than a 1st rounder. Trading him just because "he will limit traes development blah blah blah" is dumb. We have no idea if Trae will be ready or how soon. . Let the rookie learn at his own pace then you give him the keys. For right now let Pierce do what he does with this team. I don't care if he was drafted top 5 let the man develop at his own pace. He does not HAVE to start right away.
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    You apparently don't dig bald. Yep, that's actually me in my picture. Don't you know, grass won't grow on a busy street! Some people have a perfect head. Others grow hair on theirs to cover whatever is wrong. Be careful, picking on bald people. Some may fight back!
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    If you trade down, you put your job on the line if you mess it up. At least as far as I'm concerned.
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    Warning and timeout issued. This type of behavior won’t be tolerated.
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    These video editors don't be playing around. Highlights already up.
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    Free agents flying all over the place. Stars on the move, led by King James. Teams who are over the cap worry about what to do. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Hawks, with their surplus $$$$ payroll, sit quietly, twiddling their thumbs, waiting, like a vulture, to pick over the dead. Things aren't getting any better. Teams haven't began to sweat. Not yet. We all wonder what's going on behind the scenes. We really don't know, but we can guess. Some how, some way, it will all work out. It always does. Hawks really don't know what they have right now. How can we even guess about our future? The first part of a rebuild is to tear down and do away with all the old that we don't want. Hawks started that at the beginning of last season. Then, we drafted three first round young men who we have high hopes for. Are they any good? Ask again in a couple of years! Right now, they are green as grass. Every fan worth his or her salt hates to lose. We've been thru that. The biggest star in the east has gone west. The door is open. Can this Hawk team win the east? Don't be silly. We know better. Three teams now are fighting for the favorite position. With the right moves between now and the onset of the regular season, we might be favored to make the playoffs. Are we that good? No. Not yet. Remember, we're 1000 to 1 odds to win it all. Hah! Don't give up on the kids. They will make some silly, rookie mistakes that will cost us the game. On the other hand, watch out! Sometimes, when things go right and mistakes are held to a bare minimum, these young lads can beat any team in the east. Not often, but it will happen. And, the nearer we get to the end of the season, the more dangerous it will be for any team to face Atlanta. MEANWHILE, GO ATL HAWKS !!
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    Of course it's an overreaction to one summer league game. Had Trae scored 28 points and made 7 threes, there's no way you make this post. Just be honest about your feelings.
  18. 9 likes
    Did anyone catch the Hawks video clip from practice today posted on Instagram? It was a coach Pierce mic'd up. The video was cool and all, but it shows Pierce pushing the guys and laughing with them. It seems he's really connecting well with our guys quickly. I know the report was he's widely respected around the league coming to the Hawks, but it's starting to show in the short time he's been here. I remember reports about Bud that were similar early on (attending the Drake concert and stuff like that) so I'm sure that's just part of the gig, but it still makes me feel good about who is coaching the team these next few years. One other thing of note from that video was it looks like Trae and JC are developing a good connection. At the very end of the video Pierce calls the team to a huddle after practice and it looked like JC bull rushes Trae and hugs him. Good stuff.
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    Kid is crafty and I love his fire. I love rooting for the underdog so I'll be pulling for him. Might explain why I've been a Hawks fan for 20 years. lol.
  22. 9 likes
    1. Dallas wins tiebreaker over Atlanta for greater lottery odds and #3 pre-lottery position 2. Atlanta sends Jami Gertz to lottery to win pick #3 3. Dallas trades pick #5 and 2019 pick to Atlanta for #3 pick If the Hawks were dead set on getting Trae Young, at least this happened in a way to net us an additional 2019 pick.
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    As long as he remains a Hawk, totally fine with it. I hate our one Zaza fan left the place once Zaza did.
  24. 9 likes
    I agree keep it simple, draft doncic and keep him, no trades that simple
  25. 9 likes
    1. We don't have capspace 2. I'm not interested in putting all my eggs in this one 2018 basket no matter what anybody says about this draft class. Come 11:00pm draft night, I'll hear a lot of the Squawk crying about 'why didn't we do this or that to move up'. Latching unto every rumor as fact will just leave you let down and exhausted. My approach - we are picking at #3, #19, #30 and #34. With the possibility of getting #14 from Denver to combine with #19 to move up. That's it. Not the pie in the sky wishes and unicorns.
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    Never thought I would say this..... ESPN breaking down Hawks summer league footage?
  28. 8 likes
    Since it didn't happen, it means nothing.
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    For anyone who DVR'd the game. Go to the 7:15 mark in the 2nd quarter and see the beautiful drive and leave Trae makes for Landale...and then watch Trae's body language as the pass goes right through Landale's hands, off his dome and rolls down his back.
  31. 8 likes
    One thing I hope the coaches hammer him on is his tendency to pick up his dribble when attacking the basket. He needs to go watch tape of Steve Nash. There were a lot of times Steve Nash would dribble into the paint, keep his dribble, and dribble out the other side to create something for a teammate. Like Trae, Steve Nash was not a strong finisher at the rim. Trae had a very bad pass today because he picked up his dribble and then tried to create something where there was nothing.
  32. 8 likes
    That 4 pt line is scary as far as what our coaches are getting. That line encourages and rewards the longer shots. Not sure why that would be necessary. At all. The only circumstance I can see for using that is for teaching defensive principles where your perimeter defenders are not playing close enough to their assignments in the backcourt and you want to punish them in scrimmages if they don't more closely mark their man. It shouldn't be a tool for shaping how the offense flows.
  33. 8 likes
    My gut feeling is that Trae will be one of those players that are better with more talent around them.
  34. 8 likes
    The rule is he has to be judged a future hall of famer or a G-league washout. There is no in between.
  35. 8 likes
    Culture schmulture. Houston Astros have never been one of the elite franchises in MLB, but it was uglier than ever before in their history beginning 2012, and then 2013, and then 2014. You can't get a more losing culture than to string together 100-loss seasons like they did. And they didn't do what they did last season... won a WS if you weren't paying attention... through free agency spending, btw. At some point, boys, you win more respect by acknowledging the other side has a point than to continue to grasp for straws in order to justify the point you're been holding on to.
  36. 8 likes
    Who is this Malcom Delaney who delighted fans with efficiency from 3pt range? I’ve never seen such a player.
  37. 8 likes
  38. 8 likes
    The NBA needs to do away with stupid pick protections. If teams what to move up for a player that they want so badly, then they should actually pay up fully. Everyone who helped come up with that dumb idea of pick protections needs to be slapped.
  39. 8 likes
    He can put the ball on the floor. He as the potential to be much better than Kyle
  40. 8 likes
    I'd be more than happy if we came out of this draft with Doncic and Bamba. That would be a dream scenario basically.
  41. 8 likes
    Now, as for my other pal... Moose, I need you to get out there and seek your worth! Fly, Mikey, fly! To the NBA free agent market... I release you! ~lw3
  42. 8 likes
    I wanna let everyone know that I’m very thankful to have a Hawks family, specially this time of the year. Growing up in Houston and Cali, I didn’t know anybody else that was a Hawks fan, so people weren’t really interested in any discussions. I had a lot of friends that were Warriors, Rockets, Seattle Supersonics (always said if I had a #2 team it’d be the Sonics with Kemp n GP..maybe that’s why I became a Hawks fan..thunderous dunks, Nique n Kemp) and of course Laker fans. General NBA was discussed but never a bunch of different voices talking Hawks shop only. I know it’s not thanksgiving but I’m still thankful for all of you. Ps Specially during draft week! GO HAWKS!!!
  43. 8 likes
    No reservations for me. He is my pick if I was in charge of making it. None of these guys are risk free (and Doncic isn't) but I feel he is both high floor and high ceiling.
  44. 8 likes
    Brother, i respect alot of your prognostication on the tank.. i like you dont want to see multiple years down the drain..but if u pick JJJ then that what u will get. A defensive guy and a glue guy but not one that can take u to the promise land...Trae is that piece u build around. Even if his shot doesn’t fall. He has that court vision and saavy to impact those around him with assists. No team in the modern nba is winning with defense alone. Drafting a big will do that.. Ideally draft Trae and Bamba. Offense and rim protection .
  45. 7 likes
    It is not really all that. It just the rush to judgement after three or four summer league games. I am no more willing to call Trae a HOF Point Guard right now than I am willing to call him a bust. He is a 19 year old rookie point guard and history shows us that a lot of good to great point guards take years to develop.
  46. 7 likes
    Every single post is extremely negative towards Trae. Nothing about the adjustment period every young player goes through. The unfair comparisons of Trae as a rookie to dudes in their best years instead of said player at that same point in their career. You’re lowkey bashing. Yall act like Steph didn’t shoot 32% in summer league as a 21 year old his rookie year. 21 assists and 18 turnovers. Compare rookie Steph vs rookie Trae and not MVP Steph vs Rookie Trae if you’re gonna compare somebody
  47. 7 likes
    You are posting in a summer league thread on a website dedicated to fans of a team that just used the #3 pick in the draft to acquire Trae Young (along with two other promising first rounders). Now we get a chance to see him play for the first time in a Hawks jersey. And that doesn't interest you?
  48. 7 likes
    I think both Young and Huerter will be really good at least. Hopefully Spellman turns out to be decent also. I don't get the negativity.... Yeah, you just heard me say that. lol
  49. 7 likes
    I don't know how many times this needs to be said. GET YOUR GUY FIRST. Worry about extra assets later.
  50. 7 likes
    John Collins hit 0 3’s in 2 years at WF...he improved. Horford improved his set shot a lot over the years. (Not just under Bud) But apparently Bamba can’t improve his jump shot because Ben Simmons hasn’t? And Bagley will never improve his defense because Andrew Wiggins hasn’t? Makes total sense got it.