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    It's Biblically bad here! I've been very lucky that somehow my area of Houston doesn't flood but my parents and siblings are all stuck in their houses in their neighborhoods and can't get out because of flooding on entrances to neighborhoods. I've been out doing boat rescues the past 2 days trying to save people who couldn't get out. Unfortunately my family are all much farther north than me and all of our major highways and roads to get there are closed from flooding. My in-laws lost their brand new house and pretty much all of their memories from boxes that had pictures and stuff. They had water all the way up to the 2nd floor and this thing went from looking like it would just be a regular rain storm to full-blown flooding in an instant because our bayous and reservoirs overflowed. Thanks all for checking in and for the kind thoughts. Please keep us all in your prayers as this is the worst flooding we've ever had and not sure there's an end in sight to the rain. They're releasing water from the lakes and it's making it even worse.
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    Thought I'd post this here instead of PMing since I think many would want to know. Wife and I evacuated yesterday morning from Beaumont based on what we thought we were seeing emerge. Hunkering down for the time being in a hotel room in Baton Rouge. We just got word that our county's emergency management office has issued a mandatory evacuation for our neighborhood in the last hour. Based on what I've learned from people who have lived in the area for a few decades, it's going to be a close call as to whether we get water in our house--probably more likely than not, but it's not a given either way. At least we're safe. Godspeed, brother Dolf.
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    Wow didn't realize it was getting that bad in Beaumont. Glad that you got your family out @sturt and hope that your house will be ok. I know people like to hear the bad with FEMA but they're really stepping up here. They're giving 30 day hotel vouchers very quickly to anyone who needs it and rescuing people. And big props to people who've come from Louisiana and surrounding states who've come to help with boat rescues and other things. And now Floyd Mayweather stepping up just donated 200 million to relief effort. That's insanely generous.
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    Sadly, Snopes says the Mayweather donation is false but we are all rooting for you guys down there, Dolf. Thanks for checking in and letting us know how you are holding up.
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    Below 20 wins would be historically awful. I don't see us being that bad. 25-30 wins.
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    Thanks, guys. We're still holed up in Baton Rouge, but it's become near certain that our house is flooded in spite of sitting higher than most in our neighborhood. Hoping to see the water recede quickly so we can get in there and see things for a fact. Good thing for us is that we have some friends whose house appears to have survived (*knock on wood*) who are with us here in Baton Rouge and who have offered to allow us a place to stay until we get back to some degree of normal.
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    There is an article about Dennis as the main headline on the EUROBASKET website,
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    praying for Dolf and sturt and everyone being impacted by this disaster
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    I've watched every video you posted of Donic and I have concerns about his ability to create space in the NBA. If you're skilled you don't have to be an uber athlete, but there is a Mendoza line for athleticism that makes it hard for you to be a star. I'm less concerned with max vertical and top speed, but he appears to lack quickness and suddenes in his game. There is very little separation between low end and top end speed which is necessary to create deception. It's the difference between being on a sliding scale Adam Morrison -> Nik Staukas -> Doug McDermott-> Kyle Anderson -> Danillo Galanari-> Manu Ginobili. All these players are skilled in their own right, but Manu is by far the best and has the quickest first step and is very deceptive because he can change pace. In terms of athleticism I would put Donic clearly behind Galanari and Manu.
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    Really sorry to hear that, @sturt. Hope you have flood insurance as part of your package if it turns out you've got water damage like most of the area. We are sending some supplies to Houston today which we hope will be of help getting people back together.
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    Jontay is good but if you think he's a better prospect or meant more to their team this past season then you obviously just personally don't like Michael. Because he was easily the best player on the team and debatably in the nation this past year. He even led their team to a victory over Bagley's. Just give the man his credit.
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    It's a good conversation. I can see it both ways. If a team like Philly takes the next step or a surprise team I can see the under. I would go over, but not by much.
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    The EUROBASKET 2017 starts tomorrow. Because of much more important stuff going on in my life I didn't write about Dennis other prep games, but I found this highlights video of the game vs Russia
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    Taking the over. Also don't mind the odds for the Hawks to make the playoffs at +1400... The East is bad and outside of CLE, BOS, WSH, TOR, MIL and MIA, it's somewhat open. Think PHI is too young. DET always seems to have issues. CHA will likely make it. Just need some good fortune for us.
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    Porter has very good ball handling skills for his height. He competes at PG camps. When you guys watch Porter Jr, what is it that you guys are watching. I don't see Doncic having Hayward athlete ability even during his Butler days. Hayward always had good agility. Doncic has mediocre agility
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    LOL, he is skilled as it gets for a 6'10 wingman. He has all of the pure scoring skills we saw out of Devin Booker who is 4" shorter. He can do big man skill moves, guard skill moves, and has excellent agility. What are you watching?
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    This. Doncic skill wise is great, one of the best Euros I've seen but this is the NBA. Anamolies tend to be the superstars. Not the super skilled players. Most super skilled players are role players in the NBA. Only ones who wasn't like Kobe was very athletic. Doncic isn't below average athletically. Speed - meh, defense - meh, the first step - meh. The NBA is an athletic league. He better be such a skilled shooter to get away with his league of athletic ability. The only one I have seen become a star is Larry Bird. I don't see above average height like Bird nor do I see the super elite shooting skills. To me, he's a tweener in the NBA. He's between a PG and an SG while not having the ability to guard either one. I just don't see anything special. I see Porter Jr. I see special qualities. Same for Ayton and Bagley III. But when I see Doncic and Bridges. I see two very good prospects but they are just missing something special. They are lacking in the tools categories while not lacking in the skills category.
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    What exactly are you looking for then? Prospects are either hyped for size or skill and in Bagley and Porters cases they both have Size AND Skill. They're both intelligent players that know how to make an impact on a game. Both have crazy potential, I'm just not sure why you'd give Doncic so much hype but question their abilities even though they've proven they can hold their own already against NBA level players. Andrew Wiggins was a player that Wow'd everyone with his athleticism. Porter and Bagley are both much more balanced in terms of skill. I'm just saying they deserve the love they get and it wouldn't surprise me if both could go top 3.