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  1. draft has started and you have the number 1 pick
  2. Cool. I hope most everyone remembers about it lol
  3. Everyone ready to draft tonight?
  4. Alright so the league has been renewed and a draft date set. If the day and time is bad for anyone, let me know in this thread please. Oh and most importantly, I'm just going ahead with the same teams as last year regardless, so as to avoid another debacle like last year where I caused a frustrating 2 hour delay. So let me know guys and gals if everything looks good!!!!
  5. He was fun to watch. He wasn't afraid of anyone. He has a little old school badassness to him which made him all the more fun to root for. I hope he's learned from his mistakes because he's definitely made some. But all in all, one of my favorite Hawks in recent history.
  6. I'm okay with the move but I hope he doesn't play any more than 15 minutes a game. If he starts stealing too many minutes from Huerter or any of the young guys, I'm gonna be pissed.
  7. Yep. You one of those that has a problem with it?
  8. The problem is that when it is asserted that there are females on the sideline or in whatever capacity with a sports media outlet that they are only there to serve as eye candy. That is ironically the shaming going on here. As if a beautiful female can't possibly have a brain or anything worthy of her position other than eye candy for guys unless they literally perform up to some standard that a bunch of guys seem to set in the first place that sets them apart. It's absurd. And let's not get into male athletes being more or less given media jobs when they retire because they played when they are sometimes obviously reading prompters and suddenly become somewhat inarticulate when they have to think quickly without a pre-scripted narrative to follow. But they played the game and they're guys so they can't possibly just be there without any merit like these clueless bimbos right? I judge every person in the media based on how well they do their job. The gender doesn't even come to mind. Just imagine for a moment if a male(or female really) team owner, politician, major corporate ceo, etc. were echoing the same basic opionion as in op's first post in an interview on tv or wherever they might be publicly opining on such a matter. What do you think the reaction from the world would be? I got news for you. It wouldn't end well for them because it's clearly misogynistic. Papa John probably, much like op, probably is sitting there today wondering how America became such a bunch of sensitive bunch of whiners. He, like op, suffers from being tone deaf and living in a bubble that gets reinforced instead of challenged. That's the only point I'm trying to make and if you think I'm wrong, try speaking of females in such a manner more publicly in your life. If you run for office, let this nugget about your mindset out there for the general public to decide. We'll see how it works out for you. Alas this is just a message board for a sports team so it's a safe space to be controversial but trust me it wouldn't fly in a more important arena where there are consequences for speaking in ignorant and tone deaf ways.
  9. Lol. The only funny thing here is that you seem to think you were actually complimenting women in your original post. This is about you sir and if you think referring to females as "chicks" is cool, you're no gentleman and have a lot to learn. In fact your entire original post reads like a joke where a guy is actually thinking he's being respectful to females but fails miserably. But, sadly, it seems you don't really care and just want to turn it on me. Typical internet message board trolling.
  10. Tone deaf and proud of it.
  11. "Chick" broadcasters? Really? I really hope you are more tactful and less tone deaf when referencing females in your personal interactions.
  12. But for the record, even though I'm warming up to Trae, I think we should have stayed with Luca as I am in the crowd that thinks he will be a generational talent. Trae too possibly but Luca is a little more of a sure thing imo.
  13. This is just weird to me. If this potential trade was actually on the table AND IF Cleveland wants to remain a playoff contender, how would they not make this trade? I mean they could have had Luka Doncic alongside George Hill, Baze at the 3 and Love and Thompson. That's actually a legit playoff contending starting five. Again, if true, I'm glad Cleveland didn't accept because we might have lost out on Trae and not have an extra 1st round pick coming our way in the next few years.
  14. Granted it's just summer league, but I haven't seen game changing passes like that from a Hawks player in a long time.
  15. It all depends on how Dennis accepts his new role. Ideally, he comes out blazing hitting some 3's, getting 20ppg and appearing to be a good teammate. This is the only way right now we start hearing better offers. However If he's a malcontent, I fear we'll have to accept the best of the worst offers. I'm not a believer in keeping a sour grape on your squad due to the impact it can have on the overall locker room morale.