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  1. I just don’t like the black/gold one, too ‘Aintsy ⚜️
  2. I dig the jerseys, that floor is too ‘Aints ⚜️
  3. He’ll also be picking in the 5-9 range, Zion will be off the board.
  4. Schlenky likes skills over athleticism, won’t be picking Zion.
  5. With 28 wins and a finish somewhere in the 5th to 9th range, Zion will no longer be on the board for the Hawks.
  6. Ditto 🤞🏼
  7. Lol at Hawks trading back with Dallas and snagging Young, indeed 😉
  8. This makes it crystal clear the true colors of who you’re dealing with when you choose to engage in debate with this so-called fan. There should now be no confusion going forward 🤡
  9. Spoken like a true Hawks fan 🙄
  10. Ick, this made me throw up in my mouth a lil. This is a Hawks fan page, not some Mike Pudenholzer shrine. Desecrate, pfffffft. The jock-riding is strong with this one 🤢
  11. Again, I wouldn’t say “most people.” Some? Yes. Many? Yes. Most? Naaaa.
  12. Who wants to wager an avatar on this one with me?
  13. One of the few? I think at least half this board loves the Trae pick. Me included.