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  1. Matty Ice and Ice Trae both living up to the "ice" part of their names. Taurean Prince, Dewayne Dedmon and John Collins all out last night. With the Hawks being thought of as "not good" anyway, having three projected starters missing, what are we to expect? TP out last night, DD staying home, becoming a daddy and JC out since pre season and the Hawks can't compete with an elite western team. Imagine that! Still, these players that started last night are professional NBA players. To open the game, down 13-0 before getting a goal. It went down from there. Somewhere along the line some Hawks managed to fight back within 10 points before fading away again. Ice Trae has gone ice cold. So has Omari. Kevin Huerer is finally showing signs of melting. Thank goodness. With out starting PG looking so lost, Jeremy Lin has actually played much better. We congratulate him for reaching 5000 career points last night! Way to go Lin !! Some day, hopefully, our young Hawk team will FINALLY hit the floor at full strength. Then, and only then, we will really get a glimpse of our future. Can't come too soon to suit me. I'm getting tired of all this crap we are getting. LETS GO ATL HAWKS!! Lick your wounds and come out and fight!!!!!!!!
  2. Disability Insurance? Hawks are not desperate to win right now. They are more concerned with the future health of Anderson and JC. It would be a real shame to bring either or both of them too soon and lose them for another 6 weeks.
  3. 1st, 2nd & 4th quarters went well. Killed us again in the 3rd. Lloyd Pierce. Seems that our opponent is in the habit of making adjustments at half time and the Hawks look lost as how to counter. This puts the ball in your court. You, and your assistant coaches have the opportunity to change this. The big question from last night's game: What has happened to our three draft picks and their ability to hit any shot? All three were cold last night. All three are capable scorers, yet none of the three could make their shot go in. We know that a lot of today's NBA game is mental. Believe you can do it, then act. Too tight? Vince Carter looks young again. He's doing his part as an example and leader. Are our rookies being under a bit of intimidation with their shooting? Trae went cold last night, but the other two have been bad before then. Golden State shut down the inside, blocking shots, grabbing rebounds, etc. Trae suffered when they did this. They were hot from outside and we were not. Thus the failure in the fatal 3rd. Hawks are making little effort, or so it seems, to get JC back into the games this season. Missed em all so far. And, how is Anderson? He does exist, doesn't he? Three great quarters. Seems to be the story of our NBA life right now. Gotta get this machine in the shop for a much needed tune up.
  4. Just finished watching 2nd half. He didn't and couldn't. Useless! Now, Miles Plunlee is playing, looking pretty good and earning some of those $$$ that the Hawks pay him. Couldn't agree with some of the calls. And, as usual, the king had his way with us. Vince looked young!
  5. Fell asleep at halftime and missed the second half. Then, my computer went out and just now got back on line. Hawks lost the game and we scared "the king" and his merry men so bad that they had to have help. Ah, well. On to bigger and better things. If our rookies had all been on point, Hawks would have blown them away. Huerter and Spellman were both ice cold.
  6. Much better, I believe. Sometimes, this Hawk team gets blown out and sometimes we lose a close one. With these two added, some of those close losses will become wins. But, not all of them, because we still do our sleepwalk quarters, don't we. At worst, they will really improve our chances, don't you think?
  7. Whatever trade the Hawks had in mind, it didn't work. Jimmy Butler has gone to the Sixers. Baze may not get along with Jr. who apparently loves to bury the Hawks (and he does) every time they meet. Hawks refused to match the deal NY gave and now we pay for that. But, the Hawks were bound down with payroll at the time, I believe. Finally, I don't expect Collins to be out until January 1st. But, I wish someone would figure out what ails the current Hawk team. When the coach has to sit the entire starting five at one time because they looked lost on the floor, something had to be wrong. This Hawk team ain't great but I refuse to believe that they are THAT bad!
  8. I'm a Falcon fan. Does this mean you don't want me to watch? - Papaw
  9. Can't get the team all together. Needing a big man late in the game with Dedmon and Alex Len both in foul trouble, in desperation, Lloyd P. inserted Plumlee and he had a wonderful game. Collins, still not recovered and Huerter out, we still played an exciting game until the 4th quarter. Trae Young played, for him, a not very good game. Jeremy Lin came on and played well. Huerter played very little to begin the season. Now, he misses a game and we feel the loss of him badly. How quickly things change. Some day, in the future, Collins will return. Maybe, just maybe, all our other Hawks will be healthy and we can FINALLY see just what we have. GO ATL HAWKS !!
  10. There is a difference in not wanting to learn and not trying to learn. We all hope that he's trying to learn.
  11. Dang. Hawks can't get all their pieces together at one time. Collins may make it by the end of the upcoming road trip.
  12. Nique is a hall of fame Hawk. Not many can say that. He's not a hall of fame broadcaster. But, he's ours. Like it or not, he's like country music, here to stay! Bob does a lot of Atlanta broadcasts. He is an Atlanta fan and it shows. Nique is a Hawk fan. He says things, spur of the moment, without thinking. If given time to think, he is good. But, getting caught up in the moment, he sometimes errs. Most of us do this, We're not on camera, so no one pays that much attention. I've said for a long time, and I repeat, I wish, when Nique has to be missing, they would get the Dream's sidekick, LaChina. She's good and I believe the fans would enjoy the change of pace.
  13. Nique is a former Hawk and a hall of fame member. That, and the fact that he owns a couple of shares of Hawk stock keeps him where he is. My favorite Atlanta color sidekick works with Bob on the Atlanta Dream TV. She is smart about what is going on, makes wise comments and is pretty on top of all this. Lachina (spelling) should be the fill in when Nique has to be out.
  14. Trae's "rookie" is showing. Lin's "experience" is showing. After watching the first two or three games this season, almost all of us would have been shocked to hear anyone say that Lin had a better game than Trae. Last night, it happened. Mind games. Trae's early "heaves" are to remind our opponent, someone needs to be sure and come out and cover. Then, the floor is opened for that drive inside. He's not making his three point shots. Not many. But, he's capable and everyone on those other teams are aware of his talent. Hawks have three first round draft picks. Controversy about that swap. Then, the other two. #19 will go to the G League and the final one, we ask why? Then, we reach far into the season to game 10. All three are starters tonight! Had someone suggested this just after the draft, commitment papers would have surely have been mentioned. Lost their mind. Jeremy Lin is just now rounding into form. He isn't as bad as he appeared to be earlier. Trae is doing some great things. Trae is doing some bad rookie things that he will outgrow, given time. Hawks are allowing him to play and grow. We all miss Bud and his coaching. Imagine him coaching the Hawks last night. Three Hawks on the bench or gone to the Bay Hawks. Veterans starting and playing major minutes. Some may not like Lloyd but he's what we need right now with all our young players. Book it. Those three balls will begin to fall for the entire team. Maybe tonight. Turnovers will continue as these young men learn to play together and mature. Only two Hawks, Vince and Lin, are mature NBA players. Everyone else has growing room. END OF RANT!!