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  1. I look forward to the competition. I think this team is going to compete well and be in a lot of games others think we have no business being in. We may not win 40 games but I bet we are in at least 40 in the 4th quarter.
  2. You really need to get a grip or at least google what you are talking about so you don't look like a racist idiot yourself. Thug's origins came from India and was brought over to England dating back to the 14th Century. The word has never had anything to do with race and has always been used to define a person or persons violent and/or criminal behavior. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-32538487
  3. Korver did ok against SG's with us and the Cavs. Just play good help D in the paint and let him be a harasser. John Collins will crush Luka or Korver and John is not even elite yet. We just got to agree to disagree. A good test if it happens will be Collins matched up against Luka.
  4. Luka will be in trouble anywhere he plays defensively. I do think a highly efficient offense system will get him his looks and give him great lanes for passing. Having a solid defensive big is going to help a lot; but there is this thing called a three second violation that even the best defenders have to worry about. I personally think his best defensive spot is on the SG. Bigger players will post him up and others will drive by him; at least he is big enough to take care of the perimeter at SG and maybe SF. Think Kyle Korver and D, that is my opinion of Luka.
  5. Don't be. I cannot edit anymore so just added a addendum. If that confuses you just google it :)
  6. You hurt my feelings in Fantasy Football this weekend. I am in the same situation as our Falcons. If I do not turn it around this week, I may be playing for the top seed in the consolation bracket. Close game and a good one!
  7. I like your whole last paragraph and that is what I am hoping for also. Matching D12's numbers while being much more mobile. Len shoots 71% from the FT Line also; so not taking him out in the 4th quarter because we have to. I think the Suns blew it with the Morris twins. They signed both of them for what one will get in free agency. I am hoping they blew it on at least a similar scale with Len.
  8. I agree with this to some extent ( not much hope for his offense from my point of view. ) and will also say with the right coaching he could be our best true defensive center since Deke. Not in the same class but I see him averaging marginal points but huge with his boards. More like a Tree Rollins. Almost a complete waste offensively but could set a tone defensively.
  9. I had nothing for you Spud. Great Game!
  10. Two rookies at the same position is not exactly what most teams call depth; especially depth to rely on for a full 48 minute game. I am pretty sure Huerter will get ample time this season and he is a decent ball handler. He played PG in high school and was seen a a combo guard when he was heavily recruited by Maryland, Michigan, Villanova, and Notre Dame. Huerter may not be Jamal Crawford; but he could turn into a better every day starter than Jamal. I think Schelnk valued him highly because of his shooting and ball handling skills. Good read on Huerter as a High School Senior. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/terrapins-insider/wp/2015/09/04/new-york-guard-kevin-huerter-set-for-official-visit-to-maryland/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.329e17f5ee41
  11. We are deep on paper; but two things have to happen for us to stay deep. Lin, who has only played in 37 games over two seasons, has to play in over 70 this year. Then Bazemore has to stay on the team. I think it is a coin toss for Lin; and less than 50/50 for Bazemore.
  12. I may scream Vinsanity a couple of times this year but think it will be for very efficient 12 to 18 point games. Just a couple of them lol
  13. I do. I think it starts out as Trae, Bazemore, Prince, Collins, and Dedmon; but ends up as you posted. I don't see Jeremy Lin beating out Trae; even to start the season. I think Schlenk is holding out for a 1st but Bazemore will get moved. Even if it is a cap clearing one in which we get nothing more than a 2nd round pick, if that. I am hoping for a 1st; but very few teams see much of a chance that Baze will give them a better shot at beating GSW, Houston, and Boston. 19 mill a year is a lot if that still does not give you even a outside chance.
  14. Happy Birthday Gray!
  15. GSW has done and the Spurs since Duncan retired.