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  1. A playoff teams future first; not a lottery pick future first,
  2. I think we end up getting a first for Baze easily. There will be more than just the Pelicans and Rockets looking to beef up their roster in the near future.
  3. No kidding. He really needs to do some elementary research before writing what is suppose to be a educated/informative article.
  4. Confident yet humble enough not to make immature announcements of greatness. I remember when De'Aaron Fox was drafted 5th, behind Fultz and Ball, stating he was the best PG in the draft. I liked the confidence but it was a little over the top for me. Trae lets his play do most of the boisterous talking. He wants to be great but knows from a NBA perspective, he has ten years of healthy work to do.
  5. They did not give that to themselves. I think Baze did. I posted and quoted it from one of the early post draft interviews in a draft thread here. They had to tell Trae what it stood for and everyone got a good chuckle,
  6. It does not surprise me that I am the youngest team. My whole goal was young but experienced. I stayed away from rookies and the over 25 vets on purpose. Rubio and Shai were both necessities as I watched all the young PG's with experience go so early. I have good size with Turner, KAT, and Cauley-Stein, I am just not very deep with good size. My two tweeners in Porter and OG will probably be needed just as much at the 4 as the 3, This was a fun draft and I enjoyed it a lot!
  7. Poetl fit my soft goal of being under 25 and he was my pick for the last round. Casey tried to give him minutes and thought he did a decent job; Jonas just took to many minutes away. I think Pops will give him a shot at 25 or more a game this season. I really think he can be solid defender in the NBA. Maybe not DeAndre like; but the next tier below.
  8. Jakob Poeltl, partnered up with Pops, was who I had targeted in the last round if I took a coach sooner. I think Aldridge can stay out at his more natural four spot and Jake will do some damage under Pops. It is a long term pick. Gasol has to retire someday, right?
  9. As I said earlier, OKC needed to improve their starting five somewhere. George and Westbrook will get a ton of minutes throughout the season and in the playoffs, regardless of who is on the bench. LA improved their starting five and it is not even a race. It may be risky to add Rondo and Stephenson but their defensive ability cannot really be questioned. Beasley will be coming off the bench for one thing and one thing only, to score. GSW is GSW, no one is catching them in the West. I think LA improved the most out West. If Cousins is a 15-20 and 10 guy then they improved also. But I would take Bron over a recovering Cousins every day of the week and twice on Sunday as the better improvement.
  10. There are quite a few things I would like to add on Doc; but this sticks out since it is similar to our coaching situation with Bud. Doc was demoted as President of Basketball Operations in August of 2017. The Clippers then traded his best remaining player, Blake Griffin. in January of 2018 to start rebuilding for the future. Not only did Doc not quit on his organization. coaching staff, and remaining players, he signed a two year extension in May of 2018. Doc Rivers, all heart and all class. If you admire loyalty, you have to love Doc. Enough said!
  11. I am not worried about the haters concerning Doc's playoff record with the Clips. CP3 did the same thing with Houston last year in the playoffs that he and/or Blake had been doing their whole time in LA. Only GSW can afford to lose one superstar to injury and still make a valid run; no one else can. Both Stotts and Donovan were in the running and mostly Stotts over Donovan. Doc is just to versatile and he has coached every type of player there is. I also like the way he works with point guards ( Rondo and CP3 ). His offenses and defenses have always been pretty solid whether it is Rondo and no offensive game or CP3 with plenty of offensive game.
  12. Love Baze on a non contract type of team. I thought he would go a little sooner. Nice pick.
  13. Coach Pick and Team thoughts: I think I took care of all facets of the game in this draft while also staying very young. Good outside shooting at four positions with Beal, Hield, Hart, Fournier, Ingram, Porter, Turner, and KAT. Solid rebounding with Hart, Porter, Ingram, Turner, Cauley-Stein, and KAT. I picked up some good defensive players in Rubio, Porter, OG, and Cauley-Stein to plug in anytime we need to add some extra pressure to a team’s hot player. I also have plenty of speed and fresh young legs. I think point guard is my weakest spot right now; but Smith Jr. and Shai displayed in college they had the chops to hit the three ball and engage their teammates. Rubio will provide excellent veteran leadership while these two future stars develop. I think my starting front line of Ingram, Turner, and KAT will be as good as any in the coming years. In a nutshell this team can be molded as my coach sees fit. I am drafting who I think is the perfect coach to get the job done. Doc Rivers has been a head coach at three different stops and posted a winning record at all three. I imagine Orlando would be happy to offer him a lifetime contract if they would have known back when they fired him, what they know now. He has coached HOF greats and solid young players. The youth he has coached is equal to the vets. Young players such as Tracy McGrady, Rajon Rondo, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan along with vets such as CP3. KG, Paul Pierce and many others both young and old. Last season was a challenge to say the least as the Clippers shipped out CP3 and Blake Grffin; yet Doc was still able to put together a winning record of 42 and 40. He even change their style of play from 17th slowest in the league in both 2015/16 and 2016/17 to 7th fastest in the league for the 2017/18 season. Ever since Doc was a rookie PG with our Hawks back in 1983, the one constant about him is he was a winner. He ranks 2nd only behind Pop with 1470 games coached among active coaches and there are only five active coaches with 1000 games under their belt and one more who should eclipse that this year. Of those six coaches Doc ranks 2nd in winning % once again behind Pop with a outstanding .576%. He is going to guide my young team to prosperity. Winning and nothing else is his way. I am extremely excited to still be able to select this man as my head coach. I think I hit a home run here given the youth and overall makeup of my team. Welcome to the Flock Glenn Anton "Doc" Rivers! @JayBirdHawk is up next and has been PMd.
  14. I got no more likes but I love this pick. I had totally forgotten about Giles.
  15. I think Porter and Beal with 4 appearances along with Turner with 3 appearances can help out with that. Rubio and KAT has one year of recent playoff experience. Evan Fournier has one year of playoff experience way back when he started as a rookie for Denver. My players have some chops and this is by design, I wanted youth but I wanted youth with experience, Not a whole lot of upside hoping and guessing going on with my team. I will have my players come visit yours in the home; maybe take them out for a big old steak. Provided they still have the chops to chew one